Welcome back to Worth It Wednesday! This is the first week that I’m focusing on something I don’t recommend – my awful vacuum. Seriously. I hate the Dyson V7. Let me start from the beginning:

When I first got the Dyson V7 vacuum, it was my first time experiencing the freedom of cordless vacuuming, aside from our Roomba. We were gifted the Roomba as a housewarming gift from our mother in law, and it was a game changer. But it isn’t great for spot cleaning. If you just want to tackle a room or a spill, you’re going to need a standard stick vacuum, which we didn’t have for our new home. And since Dyson was THE brand to beat at the time, I snagged a V7 while it was on sale at Target. It was a couple hundred dollars more than the V6, which I had read had some serious battery longevity issues.

And while it took a while for my battery to go to complete crap, it inevitably did. If it isn’t on the charger, the battery runs out whether you’re using it or not. It also needs to be on MAX to pick practically anything up off the hardwood floors because it doesn’t create a suction seal like it does on our wool rugs. The spin brush just slings things across the floor.

On top of that, it is always, ALWAYS getting clogged. I usually have to stop at least once to either charge (which takes hours) or unclog one of the various parts.

Which Cordless Vacuum is ACTUALLY Worth The Money?

I’m not the only one who was disappointed with their Dyson purchase. For the price, the V7 is a major lockdown. For Worth It Wednesdays, I like to do a lot of research, watching unsponsored YouTube videos and reading consumer blogs to get as much unbiased information as possible, because my experience might not be the same as everyone else’s. So, in this case, I found a lot of similar scenarios, but where people decided to upgrade to the V11.

Personally, once I’ve been burned by a brand, I’m not likely to give them my business again unless they make up for it in a big way. Dyson did not. So, no V11 for me. After all, the cheapest I’ve found it for online is $650. After spending $400 on my last vacuum that has raised my blood pressure more than any household appliance should, I’m not willing to make that kind of investment in the same brand. But people really do swear by them – apparently Dyson worked out the kinks!

Bottom line: The Dyson V11 has received rave reviews from brand loyalists, but you don’t have to spend over $600 to get a quality cordless vacuum.

1. Shark Pet Pro 2. Moosoo Cordless

Which Midlevel Cordless Vacuum is The Best Value?

I have done an incredible amount of research on cordless vacuums, because I want to make sure that my next one is 110% better. My mother in law has tried a budget brands, but I can’t in all good conscious recommend them because they’re not the quality I would like, even if they are less expensive. What’s the point in saving money initially if you’re going to have to replace it twice a year?

So instead, I’m focusing on the best midlevel cordless vacuums – not a huge investment, but the best value for your money. And if that’s you’re jam, you’ll probably love the Shark Pet Pro. Definitely the best value for your money. It’s the lightweight freedom of a Dyson without the battery or clogging issues. The Amazon reviews speak for themselves.

At nearly $300, it’s still a little bit of an investment. But worry not! I have good news!

The Best Budget Cordless Vacuum

If it wasn’t for the incredible suction of the Shark, plus their amazing customer service, I would be highly tempted to recommend this one over it. I LOVE this Moosoo vacuum. I started buying their products last year when I bought their handheld vacuum to use in my car. And let me tell you, that thing is incredible. Battery life is 💯 .

But the reason I love their stick vacuum is because it provides all the incredible versatility that you’d expect from a Dyson at a teeny tiny fraction of the cost. It comes with a variety of attachments and a simplified handheld option that make cleaning every nook and cranny of your house really easy!