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I was planning on doing a post about my favorite purchases from this winter, but then I saw my analytics. As it turns out, most of my favorite things are also you’re favorite things! I’m so glad I could help people find everything from baby shower gifts to fun Amazon dupes (no shame.)

This dresser from my post about Annie B’s nursery got far and away the most clicks of any product I listed. I don’t have this exact model because I found mine custom at a local store, but it was the closest to what I was looking for when I started furniture shopping.

And, of course, everyone loves the layered door mat look! I can tell just based on how many people clicked this link to my buffalo check doormat. It certainly does dress up my front door.

She’s only been with us for four weeks and I’ve already made so many memories with Annie in our Benbridge Swivel Chair. It was a gift from my parents at our baby shower. If you’re one of the mamas who got her hands on this, DM me!

I said it before and I’ll say it again: this Diaper Organizer is the best baby shower gift you can buy. I don’t even get out of bed to do the late night diaper changes any more. And it’s actually cute! That and Annie B’s Valentine’s Day outfit were some of the most popular purchases from my for the entire season. She looked so stinking cute.

And in a subcategory, this dress from Shop Pink Blush was wildly popular – I did a post about all my favorite maternity dresses from the brand here, but this dress that I wore in my best friend’s wedding was the standout favorite.

If you’re the kind of person who saves up to buy the real deal, more power to you! There are a few pieces in my closet that weren’t easy to come by, but I’m glad I bought the real thing. And then there are others that I would just feel downright silly paying $400+ dollars for. And for that, we thank Amazon. I’ve found so many great inspired pieces that you can shop in this post, but these two were some of the best selling items on my LTK for three months straight!

I got so many DMs about my tan drops – the most popular being, do they really work? The short answer is absolutely yes. In fact, they work a little too well. They are not to be messed around with, people! You only need a drop or two, depending on if you’re using them for your face or your body. Mix it with moisturizer to get an even coat, and for the love of all that is holy, WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, I’m giving away a bottle on my Instagram so you can see for yourself.

Click to shop my favorite tan drops, or visit my Instagram @becs.lynk to see if you could win a bottle!

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