I have not been one of those “by the book” pregnancies – mostly because I refuse to by the book at all. You know the one. The book that convinces you that every time you cough, it’s a sign that your child somehow has early onset dementia. I didn’t buy that book.

I have a really great team of doctors and a mom who was just really great at being pregnant. It came very naturally to her, and she’s like an endless pit of pregnancy knowledge, despite the fact that she hasn’t given birth since 1996. So yes, some things have changed, and I did end up wanting to get some sort of literature to reference along the way. Calling my doctor’s office once a day seemed excessive. This book has been AWESOME. I feel well educated and calm about everything that’s going on in the womb, I know when it’s serious enough to ask my doctor – all that jazz.

But by far, it was seriously helpful to me when I started to create my baby registry. I wanted all the things, because more things makes raising a baby easier, right? You’ve got to have all your tools! Of course, that’s completely untrue. You can have every piece of technology wrapped around your child, monitoring 24/7, and that doesn’t make your life any easier. In fact, the constant monitoring seems like it might be a little more difficult.

Instead, I learned to cut back to the basics, do my own research, and practice a more minimalist approach to my registry. So my list is a lot smaller than those I’ve seen at every other baby shower I’ve been to in the last year, but I like it that way! It’s just the bare essentials, and a couple cute things.

Highly Rated Essentials

I’m an avid Youtube fan, and the platform is SATURATED with info for new moms. I don’t watch the ones about labor and delivery horror stories, but I love the update videos at one month, three months, and a year after delivery because they end up being super useful product reviews – what I used, what totally didn’t work, what I wish I could get my money back for. (Natalie Bennett and Amber Fillerup Clark have some super useful videos like that!)

I did my own research and heard from moms who have already put these products to the test, so I knew the basics would be high quality. The #1 piece of advice I found? Don’t get a MamaRoo! Almost every video I saw said that the device didn’t have a deep enough swing, and that their babies just didn’t like it. Sometimes, the fancy new tech doesn’t really pay off in the end.

Boob Love

Every time I go to a baby shower, I always bring the boobie supplies. Family jumps for the big ticket items and everyone else usually opts for cute clothes for baby, but who is taking care of mom’s boobs?? They need TLC! Thankfully, this has made me somewhat of a boob-care expert. I always like to check back in and see that the items I got are working, because lord knows a nursing mama’s cans are putting in WERK.

Travel Essentials

Tanner and I got married when we were 23/24, and got pregnant less than a year later. So, even in our small North Carolina town, we’re still the first of our friends to be going through all this. And that means that after the baby gets here, we still have packed schedules. Everyone we know is starting to get married, so diaper bags, wraps, a travel bassinet, and cozy places to sleep anywhere are essential.

I have a ton of large purses that I’d love to be able to use as diaper bags interchangeably, so large waterproof organizers will help keep everything easily accessible. And can I get an amen for baby-wearing that doesn’t look like you’re sporting a bulletproof vest??

You probably noticed that all these items are from different stores – if you haven’t heard of Babylist yet, you’re seriously missing out. It’s an online baby registry that lets you pick things from their marketplace and all over the internet, letting your friends and family price shop for the best deals rather than getting everything from the same store. 
Plus, Babylist creates super easy to use options for more creative gift giving, like diaper funds, college funds, and sentimental favors. You know we’ll be putting that diaper fund to good use! If you haven’t used Babylist before, see how it works here. Plus, moms get a totally free Hello Baby Box filled with sample sized essentials, onesies, bottles, and more sent right to your doorstep.

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