What’s In My Hospital Bag

I love crowdsourcing information from social media, especially nowadays. Any new mom knows that unsolicited advice is not really welcome here. But Lord knows, if we ask for it, you better give us the truth. The intimate details. The nitty gritty.

So, I watched tons of YouTube videos, downloaded graphic after graphic from Pinterest, and polled first, second, and third time moms on Facebook to see what everyone had to say about what absolutely needed to be in my hospital bag. Here are my most popular responses:

1. “I brought way too much.” Most moms said that they way overpacked, expecting an extended stay in the hospital only to find out that, assuming you had a healthy delivery and no complications, they get you out of there pretty quickly. Lots of people packed snacks, activities, makeup, and tons of clothes that never so much as made it out of the bag before the whole whirlwind process was over.

Lots of moms packed a variety of different clothes for their newborn, but didn’t end up using hardly any of them since skin to skin contact was the main priority. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack them – after all, I don’t know what size Annie B will be when she’s born, so we might need a couple options to bring her home in.

2. “CHAPSTICK.” Hospital air is apparently not too kind on the skin, so lip balm and an unscented moisturizer came highly recommended from almost everyone. In fact, most people I talked to recommended bringing multiples, since you always lose one.

3. “Tools of the trade.” For some reason, I just assumed that the hospital would provide everything I needed. But of course, lots of people said that birthing balls were a major game changer for them during labor, and the hospital doesn’t provide those for sanitary reasons. Also, a Boppy for first time breast feeders like myself came highly recommended.

Here’s what made it into my list of must-haves, based mostly on the advice of second-time moms:


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