What I Do In A Day: Baby Update

The new work uniform is mom jeans and anything that I can nurse in. Always and forever.

My What I Do In A Day blog post was one of the top three most viewed posts on my site! It’s pretty flattering that people want to know how I go about my day. Or maybe a lot of people were just thinking, “Does Rebecca have a job? Seriously. What is she doing all day?” Either way, I’m glad you found answers. But nowadays, my routine is looking a little bit different. We had a baby (you may have heard) and my life pretty much revolves around feeding her. Then, I do my job in the bits of time in between. Here’s what that looks like now.

What I Do Every Morning

6:30 am: I don’t know how we lucked out the way we did, but Annie has been sleeping through the night since she was about 4 or 5 weeks old. And by “sleeping through the night,” I mean she goes to bed at around 9 and sleeps until 6:30 without waking up for any late night or early morning feedings. Some babies sleep 7 to 7 eventually, but we haven’t been THAT lucky yet.

Tanner and I have a pretty good thing going. He’s already up at this point to shower and get ready for work, so he gets her up to change her diaper, then passes her off to me to nurse.

6:35 am: the Ninja Coffee Maker is set to start brewing. PRAISE. I am still getting used to being up and at ’em this early. This is not the blog of a morning person.

7:00 am: After Tanner leaves for work, Annie really likes to watch the news. We have tried a couple TV programs, some educational kiddie videos, etc. Nope. She likes the news. Maybe it’s the pretty red tickers that dance across the bottom of the screen, but I’d like to think she just wants to stay on top of current events.

Having her down in her swing or newborn lounger for a little while in the morning makes it easier for me to knock a few things off my to do list first thing, so I’ll usually make our bed, get some breakfast, let the dog out, feed her, and start some laundry. If we’re lucky, I might have time to unload/reload the dishwasher from the weekend. Thank goodness for Suck It, our Office-inspired Roomba vacuum. It’s programmed to start first thing in the morning on Mondays.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Annie sleeping on her stomach! She loves to sleep this way, but it’s not recommended, especially because she can’t roll herself over yet. She only sleeps on her stomach during nap times when I’m there to observe her. Otherwise, she’s always on her back.

Annie B’s Infant Nursing and Sleeping Routine

I wanted to take a minute to touch on Annie’s routine because a lot of people have asked. For the most part, every day is pretty much the same, even though my work schedule isn’t. We’ve worked ourselves into a routine that makes it easy to fit her feedings and naps into any timeline.

First thing in the morning, Annie stays awake for two feedings. We do one when we wake up, stay awake for as long as possible, then have a “second breakfast” feeding. That gets her pretty full and tired for a nice, long morning nap. From there, I can either work on the computer or pop her into her car seat to go to a sitter, a client meeting, or to the shop with me.

But for the rest of the day, we follow an Eat, Wake, Sleep schedule. You may have heard of the EASY schedule – it’s pretty much the same thing.

Sometimes, mama naps in here, too. It’s so peaceful! Tap for tags for my favorite nursery furniture. The lamp is from IKEA!

What I Do On An Average Work Day

10:00 am: Last week, I had a particularly busy day. I had to call in reinforcements – Grandma and Aunt Lisa! They stayed at the house with Annie B while I had a client meeting. She slept the majority of the time, and I was gone just long enough that she woke up and needed a bottle.

What was I doing? Very thrilling stuff: ghost mannequin shots! I visited a client to take pictures of a line of t-shirts coming out this summer. Taking the pictures was fairly quick work, but the real struggle will come into play while I’m photoshopping later.

12:30 pm: When I got home, Annie was alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic. My sitters had to run, but they brought dinner with them! Seriously, what great timing. We’re having my family over for dinner and I didn’t want to cook AT ALL. Even though Annie is awake, I still have some copywriting jobs due at the end of the week that need my attention. She is enjoying watching the ceiling fan (her favorite) from the comfort of her swing while I write.

1:45 pm: It’s time to pack up our things and head to Beaufort Proper. We’ve got customers coming in to shop and two models on their way to help me get some new arrivals online. Tanner will be at a tennis match after school, so Annie will be hanging out with us for the afternoon. The only time she has a bottle is when she’s with a babysitter. This afternoon, I’ll be serving fresh boob. I’ve gotten pretty much entirely desensitized from whipping it out in public.

3:30 pm: All the new arrivals are steamed and we’re ready to start the shoot! My dad is here to rock Annie on the front porch while we work, and she sneaks into a couple shots. I just couldn’t resist.

6:00 pm: That took a lot longer than I thought it would, and we didn’t even finish all the new arrivals. It happens sometimes when we get a rush of new items in very quickly, and that’s bound to happen this time of year. There are so many events to prepare for, like pop up shops and our involvement in the Beaufort Wine and Food Fashion Show at the end of the month. This is a very busy time of year!

The photo shoots are the fun part, but they come with a lot of work. It takes close to two hours to edit all the product photos and fun social media shots, then my mom enters all the invoices into a line sheet, and I work on uploading all the new arrivals to the site. Depending on how many new items we have, that can take up to four hours! Needless to say, that won’t get done today. It’s time to head home and heat up our dinner.

By this time, Annie is usually cluster feeding. We do smaller feedings closer together from now until she goes to bed.

7:00 pm: Tanner gets home just as our guests arrive. Dinner is heating up in the oven – Grandma’s Shepherd’s Pie, green bean casserole, and brownies for dessert. Kennedy holds the baby while I get out plates and silverware, we eat, and then it’s time to catch up on our show. We’ve been watching The Act on Hulu. My dad is NOT into it – those “based on a true story” shows totally freak him out. But Kennedy and I are addicted.

Bedtime Routine With A Baby

9:00 pm: I remember a time in my life when Tanner and I were still out at 9 pm. But tonight, we are tired. The bed is covered in laundry, it gets thrown into a basket to deal with in the morning, and we are asleep by 9:30. Annie is still sleeping in our room in a bassinet next to my bed. She gets swaddled at night – I’m not sure if there’s any truth to this, but I only do it at night so she can tell that it’s “The Big Sleep.” It’s the only time I let her sleep in the dark, too. So far, it’s worked for us!

I’d say 90% of the time, she is awake when we put her down. But she doesn’t seem to mind. She always just lays there and looks around until she falls asleep. I won’t lie, though, I’m looking forward to the days when she is in her own crib. Even though I’m usually really tired and ready to just turn off the light and go to bed, I’ll be happy to see the days when I can stay up and read a book or watch a movie without worrying about disrupting her routine.

And that’s a wrap! Goodnight, everyone!

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