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I get asked the same question a lot – what do you do? And it’s kind of a tricky one to answer. I know it as being a content creator. I help businesses create digital content to promote their products and services. But on any given day, that looks different. And I work for myself… so the title isn’t really enough to suit the description.

When I tell people that I’m a content creator, I get this kind of wide eyed look like they’re waiting for me to get to the punch line. To put it the shortest way I know how, my mom and I run Beaufort Proper, a boutique clothing company here in town that works mostly in online sales and traveling pop ups. At least half of my time is spent working to promote the business and dealing directly with our customers.

The store is located on a four acre private property that we also rent out a few times a year as a wedding venue. These days, the wedding business is BOOMING. Late fall is hands down the best time of year to get married in Eastern North Carolina, because you’ve just missed hurricane season, the weather is much more temperate, and things haven’t gotten too chilly and rainy here yet.

Then, I also freelance on the side, doing pretty much the same thing I do for Beaufort Proper, but contracted out to tons of different types of businesses around the globe. That means I’m:

These last couple of days have been kind of all over the place – I’ve done a little bit of everything for everyone! So, it’s a great way to break down what exactly it is that I do in a kind of sample day that includes a Beaufort Proper shoot, which we do about once every week. Enjoy the pictures, and if you see anything you like, you can find it in our new arrivals section here!
7:30 am: Tanner leaves for school, and some days, we get up together and have breakfast and I make his lunch, but other days he lets me sleep in and wakes me up right before he leaves. I love both.
I don’t necessarily have to start work at a specific time each day unless I have meetings lined up with clients, so I really like to take a little time for myself when I can. I let Millie out, make her breakfast, make my breakfast and coffee, then we usually hang out on the front porch for a bit or walk down to the water. 
8:30 am: I know everything on the internet tells you not to start your day by checking emails, but I do. I get dressed and ready (but when you work from home and you’re pregnant, most days this just looks like leggings, a sweater, and a ponytail) then I sit and finish my coffee by the computer while I check emails. 
8:45 am: Since the shop doesn’t really get things started until later, I take the mornings for my freelance clients. This week, I had four blogs to write for a prefabricated steel building company. I know, some assignments are a little more glamorous than this, but these kinds are actually my favorite! I like to write about things that I know nothing about, because for me, the research is what makes it interesting. 
Depending on who is contracting the work (I usually work for agencies who hire me to complete assignments, so I don’t generally speak directly with the client), I normally charge by the hour or buy the word and do all the invoicing myself. 

10:00 am: It’s time to head to the shop! These days, there is a ton of stuff to do, not only to get ready for the wedding, but to keep things up at the store while the wedding stuff takes my mom’s attention. 
  • New arrivals need to be hung up.
  • Everything needs to be priced and tagged.
  • We add the new arrivals to a spreadsheet with their inventory info until they’re able to get photographed.
  • Some items need A LOT of steaming.
10:45 am: After we’ve checked a few items off the list inside the showroom, there is a ton of stuff that needs to be done before the wedding this weekend. The tent rental company is here to set everything up, and my mom is headed out to get supplies to keep the drink cart stocked, like waters, sodas, sparkling beverages, etc. 

Before the weddings, I usually am in charge of things like the tablescapes, designing any signs for the ceremony and reception like menus, menu boards, and seating charts, and helping my mom with the florals. 
On the day of, I’ll be in charge of setting up all the tables, putting together the dessert table, putting together centerpieces, and helping the bridal party with all of the tricky timings when it’s time to start the ceremony. Then, I serve drinks and help clear plates. 

12:00 pm: On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I pick up my friend’s son from preschool while she’s at work. He’s the best – most days, he just comes to work with me and will eat his lunch and play outside while I get some more done at the shop, and others, he will let me know that “Miss Martha says I really need a nap today.”
1:15 pm: Our models range a great deal in age so we can feature a wide variety of people in our clothes, but this is generally the earliest that our photoshoots can get started. I am in charge of these, so I take the new arrivals that we got in that morning and start mixing them in with everything else in the store. 
I have everyone’s sizes in a note in my phone so I can usually pick out their outfits ahead of time. Most days we shoot out there on the property. Between my parent’s bright white apartment upstairs and the moody, woodsy backdrop outside, there are plenty of really great places to shoot. But sometimes, like yesterday, we go somewhere new for a change of pace, like the Cru Wine Shop and Coffee Bar in downtown Beaufort. 

Find you a man who looks at you the way Reed looks at my pretty models. 
3:00 pm: After just a few hours with Reed, it’s time to take him back home and get him settled in before his mom comes home from work. He’s so loving and lets me snuggle him a bit before I leave, and we watch an episode of Bubble Guppies together. 
3:30 pm: I head back home to let Millie out and start editing all the pictures. Most of them only need Lightroom (I use the jacimarie presets) and others need some light Photoshopping to get cars or anything else out of the background. For the most part, I don’t like to heavily edit our photos. It’s all very real life!
But this is probably the only part of my day that I’m sitting still, focusing on one thing! It’s also more than likely the first time I have a real meal all day – my pregnancy diet is a little out of whack. Annie B is sitting really high and pressing on my stomach, which means a lot of heartburn and only enough room for snacking throughout the day, rather than a sit down meal. 

After the pictures are edited, there’s still a lot to be done:
  • Use the spreadsheet to upload new inventory with the photos onto Shopify, our POS system of choice
  • Airdrop all the pictures to my phone and text them to the models, who post them on their personal pages to help me promote
  • Make sure all the product listings uploaded to Instagram and Pinterest, too so people can shop each post
  • Create and upload Instagram stories
  • Upload rich pins to Pinterest
  • It’s also the time of year that we do Holiday Gift Guides, so I’ll use the pics to write a blog about a specific type of product, then promote the blog on Facebook and Instagram
  • We use Mailchimp to automate our cart emails and send about one marketing email a month, so I’ll do a new arrivals roundup and an announcement of our upcoming events, too. 
And usually when I’m done with that, Tanner gets home and we make some dinner! I try not to do any more work once he’s back so we can just veg out or go do something fun, but I always catch myself looking back on my phone to see how people are responding to everything. It’s a bad habit. 
This is just a random example of what one day might look like, but very rarely are they ever the same! My favorite part about working from home is that it gives me the luxury of being able to go out to lunch with my mom, visit Tanner at school, go see my sister at work, and take my dog everywhere with me. But the downside is that I have to go do all those things – otherwise, I would never get to see another human during the day time!

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