Walmart Under $50 Style Haul

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I think is such a good resource for finding deals online. I check my app at least once a week because deals on Amazon and are always selling out so fast. If I’ve had my eye on something that was out of my price range or I couldn’t justify spending any more than $50 on, I stay on top of the app until I find something. It’s always interesting to me when people tag their Gucci belts and Louis bags on their LTK because:

  1. Um, we already knew where you bought those from. Obviously.
  2. Unless it’s linked because you mysteriously found it on sale, which they never are, then why do we need the link?

I don’t use shopping apps to find name brand, designer items that are out of my reach. I use it to find deals that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Walmart is one of those places with sneaky good stuff. Big box stores kind of give me hives. Thank goodness for grocery delivery, and the lovely people of Walmart who load my trunk for me even when it looks like a bag of baby toys exploded in it. But when it comes to style deals, there is a lot more listed on than there is in store. And you can have them delivered to your local store for free if you don’t qualify for free shipping.

Right now, there are tons of cute finds that look a lot like some things you may have missed from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the summer. And it’s stuff that you’re actually going to want to keep for as long as possible. (It was so frustrating to see influencers doing try ons for the Nordstrom sale, talking about how they were absolutely in love with everything. And then once the sale was over, you found everything on their poshmark for sale.)

Walmart Style Haul Under $50 Includes:

If you missed my last post about cleaning out my closet post-baby, it was one of my favorites ever. It feels so good to have a closet full of clothes that actually fit me. No more saying, “One day, I’ll fit back into these.” It makes no sense that our “goal weight” should stay the same throughout our lives. After having Annie, my body changed and I am 100% okay with that! And yes, I am losing weight as we move through the postpartum stage. But releasing that pressure makes getting ready every day so much easier.

Most of the items I used to replenish my closet were from American Eagle, and a good many of them are on sale now! Click here to read the full article, or shop the pieces from the post below!

American Eagle Style Haul

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