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We have been so lucky throughout this pregnancy and since bringing Annie B home. So many people love her and cherish her, we haven’t had to worry about buying much of anything. From baby showers to hand me downs and everything in between, we haven’t wanted for anything. She’s got everything she needs! In seven weeks, this is really the first time that I’ve had to run out for supplies.

It was the perfect excuse to give Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s new baby line, Hello Bello. I’ve been hearing so much about all the products, and I wanted to support the brand because I’m so happy to see plant-based baby products becoming available everywhere. Plus, they’re all within a price point that new parents can easily afford. It’s been kind of hard to make good choices when it comes to baby products because those that seem safe, natural, and responsible are usually more expensive than all the diapers she’s used so far combined.

Hello Bello Exclusively at Walmart

I started with the diaper cream because I had a brand that I absolutely loved, but it was so expensive and I had to order it online every time we needed a refill. It just wasn’t realistic. The Hello Bello diaper cream is exactly the same consistency, free of chemicals like Phthalates and Lanolin, paraben-free, and under $7. I can already tell a difference in how this one works vs. the mainstream brand we had been using in the meantime. Annie approves! I’ll definitely be trying more from the Hello Bello collection soon!

Bottles and Pacifiers

While I was at Walmart, I also wanted to pick up some more Mam bottles because they’re the only ones that Annie will take recently. The nipple shape is different than any other brand I’ve seen, and has a higher rate of acceptance in all babies – not just mine! It’s flat, anti-colic, and doesn’t let any milk spill out of the sides of her mouth. Strangely enough, though, the pacifiers that match that shape the most are actually the Avent Ultra Air. So far, it’s the only kind she will take. Everything else just gets spit out instantly. She makes a face like she is TRULY disgusted. Such a drama queen.

The Most Important Newborn Supplies You Can Buy at Walmart

Walmart was also the place where we got our three most important baby supplies so far. We could not live without these things:

Short but sweet post, because 1. It’s my mama’s 50th birthday today! Wooh! And 2. I have a sick baby asleep next to me. Annie B went to the doctor today for a little cold. Even though she’s fine and should kick this without the help of medicine, I just feel better having a hand on her at all times. A little skin to skin can’t hurt!

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