Every season, Annie’s bedroom is my favorite room in the house. And these new pink pillows really seal the deal.

Happy Valentine’s Day! No one should be surprised – I put up my Christmas decorations the moment Halloween was over, and I put up Valentine’s Day in January. But even though I went above and beyond our usual for Christmas this year, I don’t do a great deal for most of the other holidays throughout the year.

I am just not crazy about the idea of decor sitting in a closet for the majority of the year. I have one “holiday decor” closet that houses everything – a box for Spring, a box for Fall, my wreaths, and as much Christmas as I could fit. But my general rule of thumb is, if I can’t fit it in the closet, it can’t stay. So, Valentine’s Day has a tendency to take a back seat. Instead of overloading the house with a bunch of lovey dovey, crafty decor, I just use the Spring items that fall into the blush pink and neutral category, then incorporate as many florals as possible. It’s minimal, it’s romantic, and my money is spent on items that will last throughout the Spring. Win-win!

This chair was thrifted from the Facebook marketplace for the new baby’s room, but it fit way too perfectly in Annie’s perfectly girly princess room. Besides, the baby needed her rocker anyway!

My annual Valentine’s Clean and Decorate video premiers on YouTube Monday, January 11th at 9:30 am EST! Subscribe to my channel to sign up for a premier reminder!

This week’s video is part of a mega-collab with some friends I’ve made on YouTube in the last year. If you didn’t know, I’ve been making YouTube videos for exactly one year! It’s been kind of wild. I didn’t know I would enjoy it as much as I have. Who knew filming cleaning and decorating videos could be so therapeutic?

If you’ve been watching along, thank you. You’ve seen me find out about my second pregnancy, make countless updates and mini-renovations to our home, and scrub my kitchen sink about a million times. Here’s to a million more in 2021!

We got an adorable new coffee table from hearth and Hand by Magnolia at Target just in time for me to film this collab! And then of course, it sold out. I’ve already been asked a few times on Instagram, and I took the liberty of looking into it. It won’t be restocking as they make room for the new Studio McGee collection launching this month. Sorry, y’all!

I hope you like pink and florals, because there’s a whole lot of it in this week’s video. If you enjoyed it, leave me a comment to let me know! I’ll see y’all next week!