Two Weeks Postpartum Update

Linking her Valentine’s Day outfit and our favorite newborn item that wasn’t on my registry on! Click the image!

It’s actually been about two weeks since we got home from the hospital, and more like 16 days since Annie was born. It certainly doesn’t feel like that long! Most days are a little bit of a blur. Now that we’re a little more settled in, I can manage to fit more into a day. But in the beginning, it was all I could do to just keep her fed and changed all day long. Days and nights blended together.

I’m happy to say that we’re finding a groove now. Granted, newborns mostly just sleep all day. But it’s taken us a while to get to know each other. I’m figuring out her patterns and habits. Annie is figuring out everything around her. It’s so crazy to watch her experience everything for the first time.

I’ve gotten lots of questions in my DMs about how things are going, so I figured I’d tackle them all here!

Q: How is she sleeping at night?
A: We’ve been really lucky to have super predictable nights. During the day time, I do shorter feedings closer together. Then as we get closer to bed time, the feedings get longer so she will sleep for longer stretches. Pretty much every night, we do feedings every 3 hours, then she falls right back to sleep after a nice burp. She’s had super predictable sleeping patterns so far.

Q: Where did she get all her hair from?
A: That is totally, 100% me! The bone structure in her face is definitely from her daddy. It’s easy to see when you put their baby pictures side by side. But he had, at the most, very fine, light hair. All my mama’s babies were born with a full head of thick, dark hair. Most of mine fell out and came back very light brown and curly. I’m thinking that’ll probably happen to Annie B, too.

Q: How is Millie doing?
A: This was the only thing we worried about when bringing her home! Thankfully, Millie has been an absolute dream. She maintains a respectful distance and doesn’t get up in her face like I was afraid she would. But she wants to be where she is at all times. She sleeps next to wherever Annie B is docked at the time, and has to be standing at attention whenever someone is over to meet her. She’s clearly very skeptical of people holding her sister. So far (knock on wood) we have had no incidences of her being overly jealous or protective.

Q: What size is she wearing?
A: When we came home from the hospital, she had lost weight pretty rapidly. At 7 pounds 9 ounces, she fit perfectly into her newborn clothes. But she has a really long torso! She’s only two weeks old and she already fits into her 3 month onesies (note: not just 0-3 months. Sheesh!) Most of the clothes I had ready in 3 month sizes were more appropriate for warmer weather, so I had to do an early spring order to hold her over until then. It’s all linked in the picture below, including the bow she’s wearing in all these photos!

That little smile. UGH.

Q: Are you going back to work?
A: I just now picked back up with some freelance work, but it’s all just some leftover stuff I was working on while I waited for Annie to get here. I’m not back in the swing of getting bigger projects yet. I did get back to helping out around the shop within the first couple of days we were home. We had lots of new inventory that needed to be photographed and uploaded to the website, plus online orders that needed to be taken to the post office. It didn’t take me long to learn my limits, though. I’m really glad I have work opportunities that allow me to bring her along for the ride.

Q: How is recovery going?
A: To be honest, it’s a lot harder than I expected. I was so focused on labor that I hadn’t considered what would happen after. With labor, there was a clear end. Once she was out, everything would be better. And there really was so much relief from the moment they put her on my chest. But with postpartum recovery, there’s no one point to look forward to. It’s slow and painful and every day is different. Rather than getting easier every day, most days got harder. I wasn’t giving my body the mercy that it deserved. So, I’m trying to make an effort to take it slow and follow everyone’s advice to sleep when she sleeps. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

I haven’t taken a single photo of myself aside from a spontaneous, blurry mirror selfie since I’ve been home from the hospital. It isn’t because I’m ashamed of how I look. It definitely isn’t because I’m waiting to debut some amazing post-baby body transformation. It’s just hard enough to get her dressed and out the door every day. Capturing what I’m doing on camera has been the last thing on my mind. I think putting pressure on to get myself together and create that kind of content would just be unnecessary at this point. It would just be a distraction – my number one focus is to spend this time just getting acquainted with our new family and new lifestyle.

I found this post from @minna_so on Instagram and I keep looking at it every day as a healthy reminder to take my time and not feel guilty about how long recover is taking. Whether it’s postpartum recovery or anything else going on in your life, we could all use a little break every now and then.


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