My mom and I decided to do this fun little project together where we each decorate spaces in our homes two different ways – her style and my style. The rule is that we can only use things that we already had on hand in either of our houses, so no buying new things just for the sake of trying it out. We started at her house, and since it was a spontaneous idea, it was a real challenge. I didn’t bring anything with me. I could only try to incorporate my style using what she had in her house, not anything from my own home.

I though it was going to be a whole lot harder, because my mom and I each bring something completely different to the table. Our styles are complimentary, but totally opposite in many ways. Let’s check out how it turned out, and you guys can tell me what you thought of each style!

Lisa’s Style: Neutral Country Cottage

Chandelier: Creative Co-op | Orchid Prints: Hobby Lobby

I’d say this is the closest to what is very on trend for right now. It’s a comfortable style that anyone can get behind, myself included! My mom has a way of making spaces look so clean and cozy. This table was thrifted from Facebook marketplace just two days ago, if you can believe it. She’s already given it a completely different look. I’d say that’s the biggest difference between the two of us. My mom is BIG into DIY, and I’m big into convincing her to give me her hand-me-downs. Hence, my living room furniture.

No doubt, this style matches everything in the rest of her house much better than my set up. It’s all very textural, with white ceramics, wood grains, crisp linens, and fresh greens. Just a couple pops of blue in the art and the china. Very clean cut, very simple.

Becs’ Style: Eclectic New Traditional

I love to put a new twist on traditional decor. My home has some French country infusion, but is, for the most part, very updated. I’m not afraid of color! My mom recently thrifted these chairs from an upseller in Cedar Point, who picked this gorgeous blue floral pattern for the seats. I fell in love the moment she sent me the picture!

But of course, she thinks that bit of blue is already too much color for her house. So they’re likely to go downstairs, where the decor is more welcoming to pops of color. And that kind of breaks my heart – these babies deserve to be seen and used every day! I wanted to find a way to make them work by adding more color and feminine touches strategically around the room.

More than anything, I like sentimental touches. My mom did this painting and isn’t satisfied with it, so she’s never bothered to have it framed. I love it and want it framed in my own house, even though I don’t have an inch of wall space to work with. I’ll clear more room!

So, which room is your favorite – neutral country cottage or eclectic new traditional? Are you into color and pattern mixing or working with neutral textures? You can vote for you favorite look on my mom’s Instagram (she’s on IG under @hollowtreefarm) and it’s no pressure if you don’t vote for mine but also I am keeping a very close eye on all of you. Just kidding! I’m not though. Support my mom over on her account and check in with me in the comments on this week’s YouTube video below!