The Only Two After Christmas Sales You Need

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Happy Day After Christmas! Once again, I disappointed the internet with my inability to listen to your Instagram polls. All of my Christmas decorations were taken down and neatly packed into the attic this morning before our annual boat trip, and I have not a single regret. I love a good holiday purge! Not all of our gifts have been untagged and put away yet, but I’m really looking forward to a productive day of deciding what old stuff stays and goes tomorrow. It feels so good to donate, throw out, and clean, clean, clean.

Our After-Christmas Family Tradition, AKA Not Shopping. Bummer.

It took everything in me not to stay at home and shop on my phone all day. What is the deal with that? I hated holiday shopping so much. Now that Christmas is over, all I can think about are the things that I might be missing out on for myself. After all, I’ve just been shopping for everyone else. Something about the day after Christmas makes me want to treat myself.

But instead, we embarked on our annual after-Christmas tradition, a freezing cold boat ride. Tanner went oystering and he brought my parents along to get a front row seat to all the really smelly, muddy, frigid action. After four hours, I was so cold that my bath water turned room temp after about two minutes of soaking. I had to drain it and start from scratch. It’s still my favorite tradition, though.

While I was bundled up, I got curious about the After-Christmas sales and checked my phone. The jacket I was wearing was way marked down, as was everything that had been sitting in my cart, waiting for me to make a decision. That’s enough to make your mind up for you!

And while there are tons of sales going on right now, there are two stores in particular that I’m excited about. Everything I wanted was marked down under $30. Enter Old Navy and Loft, retail angels descended from heaven to check off everything Santa didn’t bring.

My Favorite (And Most Deeply Discounted) After Christmas Sales

Old Navy Epic Clearance Event: Where I got my $70 frost-free maternity puffer jacket for just $25. No joke.

Loft Under $10/$20/$30 Sale: I had never actually shopped at Loft until this year (where have I been?) but their sweater game, especially from the Lou & Grey Collection, has been UNREAL. Right now, nearly everything from their sale section receives an additional 60% at checkout, making some of my favorite sweaters under $30.

Both of these sales end when everything sells out or at the end of the month, whichever comes first. But based on the limited quantities left of each, I’d say that they’re more likely to sell out first! Happy shopping!

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