The Most Useful Christmas Gifts I Got This Year

This was a big year for game-changing gift giving! Everything I received this year was something I was excited to put to use right away. And so far, these Amazon gifts have completely changed the way I do everything from work to organize and everything in between. Almost everything is available on Amazon Prime for two day delivery, so you can start reaping the benefits of my Christmas product testing ASAP. Let’s start with the most useful items – the ones that I use every day.

The Neverfull Organizer with the purse light off.

The Neverfull Purse Organizer

This is specifically designed to fit my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, but it also fits all of my other bags, so it’s really easy to swap everything in and out without having to completely reorganize your purse. Tanner is constantly making fun of the state of my purse. If I so much as ask him to grab my wallet, you would think I was sending him on a space expedition. My mother-in-law gifted me with this PERFECT present and nothing has been the same since.

The Neverfull Organizer with the purse light on. MAGICAL.

The Purse Light

Clearly, we’re seeing a pattern here. I can never find my keys. And I’ve tried everything – purse clips, retractable chains. I forget and just throw them into my bag and then can’t seem to find anything when the time comes. This teeny tiny light floats around my bag and is touch activated, so it lights up everything at the bottom while I’m rummaging around. Combine this with the organizer and I’m never losing anything in my Mary Poppins bag ever again.

The Hafmail Diaper Bag

Even though my purse is now perfectly compartmentalized, I’ll still need a baby bag to sort Annie’s things. After all, my purse is currently overloaded with various heartburn remedies. Thanks, baby girl.

Tanner and my sister picked this one out together, and it’s seriously adorable and very well structured, especially at the top. It’s perfect, because the top stays propped open while you’re sorting through everything. Plus, it has TONS of pockets. What a dream. They got mine monogrammed with Annie’s initials for an extra fee, but the price for the bag itself was totally reasonable. Plus, it’s cute!

Annie Bryant Lynk, if your Auntie Kiki has anything to do with it, you will have very good taste.

The Canon 24mm Lens

For the most part, I have been using my 50mm lens on my Canon Rebel T6, but I wanted to add the 24mm to my collection because it makes it easier to take wider shots from closer to the subject. That means easier photography of new arrivals at the shop, jewelry that I’m wearing, and entire rooms when trying to capture decor. It’s also super slim and lighter than any of my other lenses. Thanks, Tan!

Honorable Mentions

There are a few other things from Amazon that I’ve been obsessed with using, and you can find them all on my Idea Lists any time! I also have other lists there, like postpartum essentials, my favorite inspired items, and more!


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