The Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts on Amazon

My tiny little honey.

Who are you shopping for? What’s your budget? DM me on Instagram and I’ll help you find anything under the sun. If I could be a professional Christmas shopper, that would be my dream. Unfortunately, it’s about the same as cleaning your house. Who can relate? I can clean someone else’s house until it is absolutely sparkling. But when it comes to my own space, I need major motivation to get it done.

I blinked and suddenly there were only twelve shopping days left, and I just was not ready. Now, I’m struggling to get it all done before the holidays. In some cases, it would’ve been nice to make something really special, but at this point, it’s do or die. Amazon to the rescue.

Something sparkly for your girlfriend, sister, or work wifey.

Okay, this is a PSA to any guys out there who were thinking of getting some overpriced heart-shaped crap from Kay Jewelers for their girlfriends. They don’t want it. I promise you, they really do not. But, when it comes to fun costume jewelry, hearts are kind of my jam. It’s the only exception to the rule. Thankfully, Amazon comes absolutely STACKED with cute jewels.

Something cozy for him

Tanner is a little bit easier to shop for because he usually has his eye on one thing in particular, then I can just get him a few essentials to work around that. Every year, I get him some comfies. And he really gets his money worth out of them. He wears his favorite thermals and flannels oystering, to dinner, around the house.

For the Best Mama in the World

My mom is seriously killer. I love that girl. If you know her, you love her. And I feel like I consistently fail at giving her the gifts that she deserves. To be fair, nothing would ever be enough to make up for the absolute hell my sisters and I put her through. Certainly nothing on Amazon would do it. But there are still lots of super chic things that I want her to have. Like this coat. It’s basically the cutest winter coat I’ve ever seen.

For Sweet Kiddos

I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to make kids happy. The things that I’ve spent the least amount of money are the toys that Annie B loves the most. Give the girl her Mega Blocks and some plastic cups and she’s a happy camper. But I think that mom’s especially have a tendency to get caught up in the idea that we owe our children some magical, extravagant holiday experience. But all of my memories around Christmas involve the fun activities we did, decorating the tree at home, and eating breakfast on Christmas morning. I couldn’t tell you most of the presents that I got. So for Annie, I tried to keep it simple and focus on gifts that create experiences.

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