Amazon gives you access to the largest variety of quality home brands. I’m sharing the ones that I trust here so that you can source the cutest Amazon fall decor for your home this season. Some I already own, some I’ve ordered for fall 2022 home decor. I hope you enjoy!

My Favorite Fall Decor on Amazon

Things have been a little rough around here lately. We said goodbye to our sweet Mildred, the thirteen year old stinker dog you’ve likely seen 100 times in the background of practically every photo and video on my Instagram. Our family has felt so gutted ever since, and we’re looking for any excuse to feel cozy and peaceful at home. Decor isn’t going to fill the Millie-sized hole in our home or our hearts, but I was actually really relieved when my husband asked if we could put the cozy stuff out a little earlier this year.

Summer is all about minimalism and function here. It’s the least amount of “fluff” we have out all year long, with more of an emphasis on organization to make it easy to grab a beach bag with everything we need and get out the door. But when fall comes around, it’s all about being cozy. And that’s exactly what my family needs right now. Tanner has always been a fan of fall decor because it gets him in the mood to go back to work. He’ll be teaching middle school for the first time come next week, and putting out all of our favorite fall decor items from Amazon just sets the tone to get ready for back to school season.

Velvet pillows, jute, woven baskets, moss balls, and faux artichoke vase fillers are the perfect staples for fall decor without getting too “theme-y.” And then Halloween comes around, and I can go from fall decor on Amazon to full fledged spooky season. I hope you enjoy all of my favorite Amazon fall picks – don’t forget to follow on Like To Know It for more links to my favorite fall items and more!