Get a short haired dog, they said. You won’t have to worry about as much shedding, they said. THEY LIED.

I don’t know much, but I know how to clean my house. I am a chronic tidy-upper, but this current viral climate we’ve been in has had me really brushing up on my deep cleaning skills. And what I’ve learned is that I actually enjoy it! If you have the right cleaning tools in your house, it might not be something you completely dread. I started posting “tap to clean” before and afters of my freshly primped house a few months ago, and I was overwhelmed by how many people reached out.

“This is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever seen.”

Who knew that tap to clean Instagram stories were going to be the new slime videos. In all honestly, if you thought it was satisfying on your cell phone, you should see it in person. There’s nothing better than a clean house.

Usually, after the initial “This is cool,” response, I would get asked about some of the products I used. Every now and then, I’ll put a little behind the scenes up of the entire process. (This eventually led to me starting a cleaning and mom lifestyle channel on YouTube, so obviously I enjoyed doing it.) The number one thing I got asked about was my steam mop, so if you’re here for that, don’t worry! It’s coming! But I wanted to break down everything I use, products and services included. We’re even diving into the ones I don’t love. I want you to make educated purchase decisions, because some of the cleaning products on the market today are half a mortgage payment. Ain’t nobody got time for this mess.

The Best Steam Mop on Amazon

If this steam mop had a mouth, I would kiss it. No joke. I’m still working on sticking to the “no shoes in the house” rule, but it’s so hard. If you haven’t been doing it your entire life, it’s not even something you think about. So, in the meantime, this sanitization Godsend will be my righthand.

Steam safely sanitizes the floors by blasting white hot liquid at high speeds. Seriously, don’t do this with kids around. Either wait for them to go to bed or just do it when no one is home, both for safety reasons and because it’s pretty loud. I’d say as loud as a vacuum. Our house is small, so doing it at night or during nap times isn’t really an option. But about once a week, I get to break out my lil buddy and get my cleaning freak on.

The number one selling point of this thing is that it DESTROYS baby food. If you’ve ever used purees, you know that they dry stronger than any construction grade adhesive available on the market. This steam mop just melts it away. And when you’re done, you just take off the mop pad and pop it in the washer. Genius.

You can also use the multiple different attachments to use it as a power washer for windows, dirty sills, your porch, etc. That was actually my first experience with this bad boy, and I burnt the almighty crap out of my finger. If you want to see satisfying, the before and afters of our bedroom windows sills might just do you in.

It’s not easy keeping a clean house with this little petunia around. But she makes it all worth it. That, and the fun of using a steam mop. This is what excites me now.

Which is the better vacuum: the Roomba or the Dyson?

I feel like this question is breaking the mom corner of the Internet to pieces. Roombas used to be the gold standard. Everyone wanted one. And now, every cleaning YouTuber is sporting the latest version of the Dyson stick vacuum. So, which is it? We have both, but certainly not because we can afford it. The Roomba was gifted to us after the birth of our first child, and it really saved my tail in those beginning stages. I can’t imagine what our floors would have looked like after the first six weeks home from the hospital.

I purchased the Dyson V7 myself this year because I wanted a lightweight vacuum that I could use to just clean a single room at a time. One of the downsides to the Roomba is that it doesn’t spot clean. When you start it, it’s going to do the whole house in the same order every time. But it definitely has its benefits:

The Roomba:

  • Has better suction, in my opinion. It truly picks up everything.
  • Is very convenient if you want to schedule a clean.
  • Gets the areas that you wouldn’t normally hit with a stick vacuum, like under couches and tables.
  • Is much more thorough. Ours even wipes the bottoms of our baseboards, an area where little Millie-fur bunnies love to gather.
  • But… it doesn’t spot clean rooms that you just want to hit really quickly, and if you don’t get the most updated version that is self-emptying, it can be a really big pain to constantly empty.

The Dyson:

  • Is super lightweight and easy to use.
  • Comes with a variety of attachments for cleaning cobwebs, getting dog hair off of furniture, etc.
  • Is cordless and travels well.
  • But… doesn’t have as good of suction as I would’ve hoped, and needs to be charged frequently.

** NOTE: we have the Dyson V7, which is an older model even though I just purchased it. Nowadays, there is a version V11, which I have used. It has an extended battery life of up to 2 hours, whereas ours only lasts up to 30 minutes, but it costs more than double. Honestly, I have never been in a scenario where I needed to vacuum for more than ten minutes straight, so that would have been money flushed down the drain. I’m happy I got the V6, and it works perfectly for us.

So, which is better? If you can afford both, it’s certainly convenient. But without being gifted one of these, we couldn’t have afforded an automated and stick vacuum. I would choose the Dyson because spot cleaning is something I NEED to do, whereas the automated functioning is just a convenience and luxury.

The Best Car Vacuum On Amazon

This is by far the thing I get asked about the most. It’s so cool! Annie loves this tiny little stick vacuum, probably because it makes her feel like she’s helping. But I know so many people who could benefit from it as a real cleaning tool rather than a child’s toy. It comes with a car adapter so that it can easily charge in the center console of your car. If you have toddlers who love Cheerios, Goldfish, fruit snacks, and other small, crumby foods, you need this vacuum. Also, DOG HAIR.

Is Grove Worth The Money?

I don’t think I started using Grove as a money saver, but if you care about the cleaning products that you use in your house, and you want to use a service that will help you cut down on your plastic, Grove will end up saving you money. For example, purchasing a natural-ingredient all-purpose cleaner at the grocery store or Target will likely cost you about $5 a bottle, and you’ll need to buy a new one in a plastic container every time. Single use plastics are not ideal. Some things you just can’t avoid, but cleaning concentrates delivered to your door and diluted in glass spray bottles are just so freaking easy. So that’s what I’ve started doing.

I’ve done a couple of Grove articles on this site, reviewing some of my favorite cleaning products and beauty finds. The cleaning products reviewed were from before they started offering the concentrates, so now I’ve made the switch almost entirely. But the beauty products I’m still using, and I love them! So definitely check out that article here.

If you want to try it out for yourself (although I don’t know many people who aren’t already doing Grove) you can use this link to get a free 5-piece Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Set, which smells incredible. But make sure you’re making the switch to less plastic after you use them! The scents created by Grove for their cleaning concentrates are seriously delicious.