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I am 110% not about a set of two hair pins for $30. That is just ridiculous. So, here are about 6 different sets of at least 4 hair pins – acrylic hair pins, pear hair pins, metallic hair pins – under $15. In fact, most of them are under $10. And they’re all eligible for prime shipping, so you’ll be looking cute in approximately two business days.

I was lazy scrolling through Instagram stories the other day when Danielle Gervino asked what people were shopping for this fall. Honestly, my closet is already exploding. Remember when I wrote about how I got rid of basically all my clothes after I had a baby? Well, Annie is 9 months old now. and I have restocked and then some. So, I’m not really shopping for anything right now, which is kind of a hard feat. But, hair pins don’t count. You can slap on some Spanx leather leggings and sweater and look halfway okay, but when you add cutie little hair pins and a loose curl to the mix, you can officially say that you put yourself together.

Sorry for the short post today, but that’s really all there is to it! Seriously, just go put some cute pins in your hair. The rest of your day will fall into place. Probably. I don’t know.

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