The bottom two items are currently in-store exclusives, but you can DM me on Instagram if you want to get your hands on them!

If you know, you know – it’s so nice to finally fit into SOMETHING in the store. Since I had the baby, I’ve still been in comfies and maternity clothes. But you can only wear stretchy pants and nursing tank tops for so long before you start to feel like a shell of your formal self. So, when I tried on a couple outfits while I was working at the store and they all fit, I could have cried happy tears.

There is one thing in particular I’m so glad to be able to wear again, and that’s jeans. I don’t subscribe to the notion that white is only supposed to be worn during certain months of the year. Once you’ve tried on these white denim flares, you will totally forget that notion ever existed. White denim and platforms make even a basic t-shirt into a whole look! Every top I tried on looked so good with our Everyday Flares and a pair of espadrilles. (My favorites are our Callie Platforms.)

The Stillwater Knit Top

This post is a short but sweet one. Annie B is calling my name! As always, thanks for supporting our small business. My mom and I are so lucky to do this for a living, and it’s all because of YOU!