When I think about changing up my decor for the Spring, I don’t usually think about Easter decorations. I will be putting up some of those when the time comes, mostly for Annie’s benefit, but Spring decor in my house isn’t centered around bunnies and dyed eggs. It’s more about making the space feel fresh and functional.

Spring cleaning is kicking off soon. It’ll definitely look a little different than usual. I’m 31 weeks pregnant, and I feel 301 weeks. So, needless to say, I’m moving a little slower than normal and doing a lot more waddling. Getting up and down off my hands and knees to scrub baseboards is not something I relish doing these days. I’m focused on tackling the cleaning tasks that are going to make the biggest impact, and assessing every corner of my house to make sure that all my furniture and decor is clean and functional.

The number one place where you’re going to see the biggest transformation? The living room. Toddlerhood has fully taken over the Lynk house, and with baby number two due the first week in April, I don’t have the patience for anything less that crazy smart storage solutions to make the most frequently used room in our home more manageable. Our open-faced entertainment center is not making the cut anymore. Time for something that is just as stylish as it is useful for toy storage.


Two Investment Furniture Pieces I’m Adding To Our Home This Spring

I say investment pieces, but as far as furniture goes, these are crazy reasonably priced. I’ve been saving up for two months with the hopes of getting these two pieces of furniture, although they narrowly beat out a matching set from Target. Ultimately, I decided to go with the acrylic console, and I talk more about why in this week’s YouTube video.

The Arthers Sideboard from Wayfair

This sideboard from Wayfair gets delivered on Wednesday and I’m so looking forward to sharing more on stories about it, if I can ever work up the back strength to get it assembled. The reviews said that I should be prepared to put in some leg work, but it would be worth it. Pray for me, y’all.

Pure Decor Acrylic Console Table

But the real kicker here is the acrylic console table. I have been eyeing this bad boy for about a year, ever since I saw Katey McFarlan style an acrylic coffee table. I’m just obsessed with how it doesn’t create any new visual interest in the room, but still creates height and depth for your decor. No need to try to match wood tones, and it doesn’t break up the room. Win, win.

** IMPORTANT: If you’re going for this look in your own home, make sure you look for an acrylic table, not glass! Glass will have a greenish blue tinge and be much thinner and prone to shattering. 

Budget Home Decor Haul from Target

This Week’s Cleaning Motivation Video