The only Spring Cleaning motivation you’ll need! Download my free spring cleaning checklist for deep cleaning tasks that are organized in a way that just makes sense. None of this going room by room crap. That doesn’t work for anyone. 

Third trimester of my pregnancy has hit me pretty hard, and that means that I’m trying to spend as little time off my feet as possible. Already a pretty difficult task when you have a toddler. But that also means that I’ve had to get kind of creative when it comes to spring cleaning.

I know what you’re thinking – Becs, why don’t you just not do your regular spring cleaning? Okay, BUT. There’s also this thing called nesting energy. And if you’ve never been pregnant, then you should know that it is this insatiable need to get everything in your house perfect before the baby comes. Bringing a baby home during a pandemic? Yeah. Everything needs to be cleaned or I will actually lose my mind. So, it’s out of my control. It has to be done. And I’m on a mission to make sure that I spend my precious energy on the deep cleaning tasks that actually make a difference. 

Download My Free Spring Cleaning Checklist

Take it from a seriously pregnant woman who just did all the things on this list – the best way to deep clean your house isn’t room by room. It’s task by task. Here’s your printable to get it done.
Cleaning room by room is great for tidying up. But doing a true, deep spring clean takes a little while. And if you do one room at a time, you’re likely only going to end up doing a single room or section of your house in a day. And then your family will inevitably mess that room up, and it feels like you just can’t keep up.

Rather than getting discouraged and frustrated and wanting to lock your family in a cage, you could just do it task by task instead! I created this download and printable for you so that you can make some of my favorite DIY cleaners and tackle each deep cleaning task as fast as possible. If it made it easier for me, it’ll make it a whole lot easier for you!

And since I’m moving a whole lot slower these days, I decided to put together a video that’s a WHOLE lot more motivating than anything I could make for you right now. A little less waddling, a little more scrubbing. I put together the best parts of some of my most successful cleaning videos, including my really useful tutorials from some cleaning videos. The “how to clean your dishwasher” portion will either make you sick or blow your mind. Possibly both.

And, it’s an hour long! So, you can pop this bad boy on while you’re cleaning so you can vibe out to some music and get motivated to clean along with me. Happy Spring cleaning, y’all!

This week’s video premiers on YouTube Monday, February 15th at 9 am EST! See you there!