Six Week Postpartum Update

Bath time with Lala and Grandma!

My little chunk is 11.5 pounds! This is probably ill advised, but we’ve been weighing her in a basket on top of a seafood scale at our Aunt June’s house. The basket and blanket come out to about a pound. The first time around, I was shocked to see that she was ten pounds. Fast forward just ten short days later and she’s gained a pound and a half! Home girl is eating good!

I’ve had my suspicions that she was going through a growth spurt. Her sleep schedule got a little thrown because she just wanted to sleep all day, and when she was up, she was fussy and hungry the entire time. According to the Wonder Weeks app (highly recommend!) she was a little bombarded with new sensations and needed a lot of TLC. That kind of broke my heart, so I let her feed around the clock. Hence the 1.5 extra pounds of pure CHONK.

What’s life like with a six week old?

She’s so much more observant every day! Her hobbies and interests include finding the ceiling fan in every room we enter and practicing sticking out her tongue at people.

She’s also quite the noise maker. They’re coming out of all ends, if you catch my drift. But she’s been trying to mock some of the noises we make just as hard as she can. If we talk to her, she will open her mouth and stick her tongue out like she wants to talk back. And even when she’s asleep, she is still making noise. She’s quite the grunter, and when she wants attention, she lets out little squeaks. It’s pretty cute!

As far as life goes, she goes everywhere with me. If I’m at the shop, she is there with me. If I’m at the computer, she’s playing assistant. She’s already made multiple trips to restaurants with her mom, dad, grandmas, and grandpas. She’s never had a breakdown in public so far, but I don’t think it would bother me if she did – so far, there has not been a problem that my boobs can’t fix!

How is her sleeping/eating routine?

We’re still kind of working on this! She’s so young, we haven’t established a super predictable routine. Right now, I’m just letting her tell me when and what she needs. Even though she follows the same eat, wake, sleep pattern, they don’t always follow the exact same timeline. Sometimes, her wake times can last up to five hours! Other times, she is only awake for thirty minutes before she can barely keep her eyes open. I’m hoping that I can put together an example newborn routine soon, once we get a little more established.

Which newborn supplies have been totally essential?

If I had to pick one thing that we couldn’t have lived without thus far, it would be this little cushion. It wasn’t on my registry, but my cousin got it for us after her coworker recommended it. I don’t know what I would have done without it! It’s much less expensive than some other brands, it’s small enough to take anywhere, and it makes it so easy to just dock her wherever I am – at my desk, in the kitchen, on the bathroom floor while I’m taking a shower. She loves it! Here are all the other basics that she’s used so far. I didn’t list anything that I wasn’t totally in love with!

How’s recovery going?

This has been the first week that I’ve been cleared to work out! I’m not going to lie, I’ve been super intimidated. I started going on little walks right away, even when my feet were swollen like tree trunks right out the gate. But I’m looking forward to getting back into kickboxing, my favorite classes at our local gym. I’m thinking tonight will be my first night back, and I’m going to take it really slow. Only low impact, no jumping and taking as many breaks as I need. I’m so grateful for my postpartum body. Getting back into shape isn’t my top priority – I’m just looking forward to having that release again!


How do you get work done with an infant around?

This is something I really don’t have the answer to yet. In short, it’s really hard. About once a week, I do copywriting work as a freelancer. This is by far the hardest thing to do when she is around. When I’m uploading new arrivals to the website or working at the shop, I can do almost anything one handed while I’m bouncing her around or feeding her. But writing requires my full attention. I try to plan it around her nap times, but sometimes, you’re on a deadline and you don’t have a choice but to take care of it right then and there.

Thankfully, I have a great support system, like Lala and Grandma here, who rock her and feed her bottles and give her a bath while I get some work done. Unless of course I decide to ditch work to take pictures like these. Oops!

The end. See you next time!

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