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I was the first person to put out my fall decor, I ordered a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks on the first day (only to remember that I don’t actually love the way they make them,) and I am 100% unashamed.

Not only is there not a quality coffee shop close enough to my house, but I don’t have the patience to only enjoy this seasonal favorite while I’m out and about. So, I’ve been whipping one up every weekend since we got home, and it only has super simple ingredients, so I know exactly what I’m drinking. I’ve been steering clear of artificial coloring and sugary syrups throughout this pregnancy, and my morning coffee is no exception.

PS: My pajamas are from Target and SO SO SO soft. You can snag them in time for Halloween here.

Simple Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Latte

This ground coffee blend from Starbucks is filled with yummy spice, but the key to getting this not-so-latte-latte just right is putting your spices in the coffee grounds before you brew. Otherwise, the spices are just going to float on top of your drink. No fun. 
Even though I’m not pulling fresh espresso shots to start every morning (maybe I’ll ask for a Breville for Christmas?) this still gives me the feeling of a fancy cafe beverage, especially if I steam the milk beforehand with my Ninja frother. And have you tried the new Reddi-Whip non-dairy creamers? I don’t have a lot of dairy in my diet to begin with, but I noticed that I felt super sluggish when I put whipped cream on my morning coffee. These are so yummy, and the coconut whipped cream is super rich and flavorful. Consider me converted. 
** Side note: when I do order a latte from Starbucks, I’ve started ordering with coconut milk instead of my usual almond milk and WOW – so much flavor. 

This “Whistle While You Work” Tea Kettle is actually a Kate Spade find that was originally kelly green. I painted it with Testor’s from Hobby Lobby to match my decor, but you can find tons of colors and patterns here. 

How To Style Your Coffee Cart

When I stray from my morning routine, I just don’t get started on the right foot. So the first step is making my coffee and staying relaxed and on schedule. When I have my coffee cart sorted out and ready to go from the moment I wake up, things just start to FLOW. Here’s how I made it happen.

Equipment: Even though I’m hoping to get a Breville one of these days to pull fresh espresso every morning, I really love my Ninja Coffee Maker. It’s way easier to clean than a Keurig (have you seen how nasty the inside of those things get?) and far less wasteful than using K-cups. Plus, you can brew as much or as little as you want at a time. When I’m having company or just want cuter presentation, I use this cute French press
Serveware: These glass mugs are the prettiest way to enjoy coffee hot or cold, but especially when you’re making a layered latte.
Organization: Having clear glass containers for my coffee grounds is the best way to keep everything fresh without forgetting that I’m about to run out. I’m also a HUGE chai tea latte lover, plus I’ve been starting a routine of Mother’s Milk and raspberry leaf tea to get ready for labor and the fourth trimester. Everything stays neatly organized and easy to find in a cute repurposed makeup organizer

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