I get excited about the holidays approximately 365 days before they happen. When we moved into the new house in August, it only took me a week to ask for the go ahead from the family to have Thanksgiving at our place.

I expected a little bit of pushback, but apparently, my mom was happy to give up the responsibility, even though I told her I still needed them to take the reigns on the turkey. I’m not ready for that kind of responsibility.

Ever since, I’ve been a Pinteresting madwoman, getting inspired by all things decor. After all, the food is kind of a given. I’m a Thanksgiving menu traditionalist to my core, and if green bean casserole and cranberry jelly aren’t there, neither am I. Everyone has been responsible for the same dishes for years. The only thing that changes is the location. Plus, my Gran will be coming into town to stay with us for the week. Our first holiday house guest!

And for the past three months, I’ve been keeping a running list on my phone of all the things I’ve wanted to do to the house before this first big event. Yes, it’s bigger than a housewarming party and a baby shower combined, even though the guest list is smaller. We’re talking my favorite holiday, i.e. the most food-centric one.

I’m already incorporating a ton of my own pieces, like my antique blue and white china and some copper details here and there from my fall decor haul. But I’ve found so many great pieces online, and SO SO SO many of them are on sale right now!

Here’s what’s on my to do list: 

  1. Indoor-outdoor seating. 
    I toyed with the option of being able to put everyone inside, but weather permitting, I’d love to take advantage of our back porch to create two different tablescapes that run alongside each other, starting in the dining room and moving seamlessly onto the porch. Our dining room table and seating arrangement is already in place, and a well decorated pop up table with our wedding bench and two chairs will do for outdoor seating.
  2. A pretty and functional buffet. 
    Our kitchen setup is perfect for buffet-style service. We’ll need the rest of the counter space for cooking, but I’d love to combine my blue and white china and my mom’s gorgeous wedding serveware to do a little more than aluminum disposable serving dishes.
  3. Keep it neutral. 
    Orange is the go-to for all things fall, but as long as I’m incorporating a lot of my blue and white pieces, I’d like to keep the rest of the decor relatively neutral. But hey, metallics are a neutral, right? I’m thinking copper, tans, natural greens, pampas grass, antique roses. 

Here’s what I found on Pinterest: 

Be on the lookout, because I’ll be putting the tablescape together a couple weeks in advance (what’s the point in putting so much effort into pretty decor if you only see it for a day?) and I’ll create another post with my finished product, and hopefully a photo recap of the big day, assuming we don’t eat everything and pass out before I get the chance. That tends to happen.