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Spoiler alert: if you live in North Carolina or further south, you don’t get the luxury of enjoying fall fashion until at least a month into the season. My closet is a sad collection of sweaters just waiting to be worn. I truly feel sorry for outfits that could have been.

So, I’m doing my best to put together some layered looks for those days when you put a jacket on in the morning then FULLY regret it by the afternoon. Clearly, I’m not bitter about it. Check out my fall looks Pinterest board to see where I got my inspiration.

I want to collab with other pinners so badly to create a Pinterest board for every season, just to see what everyone else is loving! It’s so helpful when my mom and I are putting together collections for our store. We do a ton of research to see what upcoming trends are going to be on the market, but there’s seriously nothing more helpful than seeing exactly what you’re pinning. So I’m following back everyone who follows me on Pinterest so I can do more research, and picking some of my favorites to collab with me on look books! By pinning to my boards, you can help me decide what we’re carrying at Beaufort Proper.

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This sweater just came in at Beaufort Proper and I am so in love, it just hurts. Chenille is super super soft, and this is cropped and still fits over the bump, so essentially, I’m losing my mind with excitement. Shop the Elowen Chenille Sweater on here!

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