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My living room, and the rest of my house for that matter, will always be a work in progress. If I ever get everything exactly the way I want it, that will be the day we sell the house. Because if you’re not always tinkering, what’s the point? That’s half the fun of owning a home! If you missed my last post about our living room, I shared the mix of hand-me-downs, handmade items, and new purchases that make up the bones of our living space. But what I love most about it all is that there are seemingly endless ways to move it all around. I’m on furniture arrangement number three since we got our couch and chairs, and I’ll probably go back to the way things were and find new arrangements over and over again.

I found a great deal of these items on Amazon and a few from my person favorites, Anthropologie and Etsy! The Tigress pillows are an Etsy find, because I’m particular about the authenticity of the stripe. Everything I’ve seen on Amazon (and anywhere else, really) just looks fake and tacky. And the blue hanging light fixture, which is destined to be a hanging lamp over a super comfy reading chair, is Anthro.

This Southern Grandmillennial mood board is inspired by my own personal style, and I hope someone out there uses it to the T, because it really never goes out of style. I could see my grandmother and my mother both decorating their homes this way, and I know each investment would be comfortable in your home for a long time. Enjoy!