Reviewing Our Ninja Specialty Foldaway Frother Coffee Maker

Ninja Coffee Bar Review
At the time this was posted, my price comparison for Target and Amazon was the same, so take you pick! Click the image to shop the Ninja Coffee Maker from Amazon.

This is a totally unsponsored, unbiased review of the Ninja Specialty Foldaway Frother Coffee Maker. This post includes affiliate links. I strongly contemplated getting a regular drip coffee maker for $20 from our local dollar store. But I’m so glad I didn’t. Here’s why.

Good coffee makes a really big difference to me. Not to sound like a snob, but I’ve had cheap coffee makers, and I’ve had good coffee makers. Not only do I taste a difference in the brew, but regular everyday drip coffee isn’t good for everything. The convenience of the Ninja specialty coffee maker made it a total game changer, and I won’t be going back.

Are Ninjas good coffee makers?

Looking past this specific model, I have had really great experiences with Ninja coffee makers in general because of their brew style and customer service. To start, they are designed to make coffee better than regular drip coffee makers by making the most of their grounds. Think of it like a rain shower head rather than just letting water run out of the faucet. One is going to give you a lot better coverage than the other.

Also, customer service has been FANTASTIC for me. I have requested replacement parts via Facebook messenger and talked with a representative over the phone when I wanted to give my baby a deep cleaning. (I used hard well water to brew coffee and things were NOT okay.)

What makes the Ninja Foldaway Frother Specialty Coffee Maker so convenient?

  1. The foldaway frother, obviously. The last Ninja that we had (which lasted five years and is still running, we just upgraded) had a separate pump cup for steaming milk for lattes and other specialty brews. I lost the parts to it almost immediately, but more importantly, I actually cut myself on it multiple times. Cleaning the thing was no joke. This frother is a lot more user friendly and easy to clean. Plus, it isn’t a separate mechanism altogether. No small parts to keep track of.
  2. More options for brew sizes. Our last coffee maker had options for single cups, a half pot, and a full pot. This one takes it to another level with specialty brew shots, regular cups, travel mugs, XL mugs, half pot, and full pot. PHEW. Lots of options, but good for a household where only one of us actually needs coffee on a daily basis. You never really know if we’re going to need a single cup or a pot and then some.
  3. Set to brew. Plenty of coffee makers have this option, but this one is super easy to use and very reliable. I have had trouble with some coffee makers not working when they’re supposed to.
  4. Self-cleaning function. Ultimately, this is what made us want to upgrade. The latest models of the Ninja Coffee Makers have more advanced self cleaning functions that are more thorough and extend the life of your coffee maker. Even with a water softener, we worry about buildup in the small components of the machine, so I clean our regularly. The self cleaning function makes it easy to set it and forget it before I leave the house.
  5. Specialty brews. I’m not really about k-cups and pods. Not only do I find them extremely wasteful, but I like to be very deliberate about the amount of grounds I use. So, it’s important for me to be able to measure our coffee and espresso grounds, and for my coffee maker to know the difference. The slow brew process for specialty brews makes a huge difference in the overall flavor of each brew. And don’t get me started on over ice brews. Iced coffee is my passion. Iced coffee is my life.

Okay, I could go on and on about coffee makers. Not many people know this about me, but it’s actually my dream to open up a coffee shop in my hometown one day. My mom and I already tackled the clothing store dream, so I’m patiently waiting for time to come on dream #2. But if you’re trying to bring coffee shop quality brews to your kitchen for less money than a 5-star espresso machine, this is the equipment you’re going to want. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

While you’re here, you may have noticed we did some kitchen renovations! It’s been so fun. We painted the kitchen cabinets because they were the same rich dark color of the floors, and it was all just a little bit too much. Now, they are Moon Shot by Valspar and I love! The cabinets didn’t have any hardware on them originally and I knew that I wouldn’t want fingerprints and smudges now that they were painted. So I chose these matte black handles.

We also took down the two sets of upper cabinets around the window and replaced them with these seriously beautiful shelves that I found on Amazon.

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