My folding treadmill and shelf situation created an accidental standing desk, which I have very much enjoyed while working from home.

I know that, in most situations, your husband getting you some kind of workout equipment is something you’d normally wince at. And if I hadn’t asked him so specifically for this one thing, I probably would have been one of those people going, “What are you trying to say, Tanner?” But this year, unlike years past, I sent him a link to exactly what I wanted for Christmas after much consideration. And now, having had it for a month, I can finally tell you what I think!

The Best Value Folding Treadmill on Amazon

I wanted a folding treadmill for our bedroom for a couple of reasons, some more obvious than others.

This is a way cuter set up than any standing desk I’ve seen, so excuse me while I give myself a pat on the back.
  • Exercising with a toddler is hard. Taking her for walks is kind of like walking our really old dog. She stops about every ten feet to take a closer look at something, or gets side tracked playing in the neighbor’s landscaping. Needless to say, it doesn’t exactly get my heart rate up.
  • We are rocking very little spare space in our house. I know Peletons are all the rage right now, but they’re pretty bulky, and we have no where we could possibly put it. I do look forward to a day where I can get back to going to the occasional spin class, though.
  • This pregnancy has been really rough on my body. When I was pregnant with Annie, I was going to yoga one or two times a week, did kickboxing on Thursdays, and went on lots of hikes and trail walks with my mom. But this time around, I have struggled to just keep up with the basics. Having a quick and easy option at home was a good way to make sure I get some form of movement in every single day.
Once the main power switch is in the on position, everything is controlled by this remote. Also note the shape of my 29 week belly. Someone is kicking the crap out of me in this picture.

This folding treadmill from Amazon checked all of my boxes. I’ll give a more in depth breakdown of all the most popular questions you asked on Instagram below, but here’s the jist of it. It’s an ultra-thin, folding treadmill with front wheels to make it super easy to fold and roll under a bed or couch when it’s not in use. I chose this model after about a month of research, watching other people’s video reviews, reading the Amazon reviews, and just taking my time to see if anyone made returns or changed their minds about the quality after having it for a certain amount of time. This one had by far the least problems of any I found within the price range on Amazon.

FAQs About My Folding Treadmill

  1. Are you comfortable moving it around yourself? If I’m just tired, I’ll have Tanner pull it out from under the bed for me. But even in my third trimester, I am very much capable of moving the treadmill by myself. The wheels make it super easy, then the arm bar just folds up and locks into place.
  2. Where are all the buttons? It looks like the arm bar doesn’t have anything on it! True! The arm bar only has a phone holder, which I don’t really use. There is a main power switch on the side of the treadmill, and everything else is controlled by a small remote. There is a small LED screen on the base that tells you your speed, distance, time, and approximate calories burned.
  3. Where do you store it? Right now, the treadmill is sitting out on our master bedroom floor, slid partly under the glass shelf where I keep my computer and work things. I’ve been into using this set up as a standing desk for work, or just to have Netflix going on the laptop while I work. When it’s put away, it slides right under our king size bed.
  4. How much did it cost? When I first sent the link to Tanner for Christmas, there was a lot of variation in price based on the color you got. We chose the plain black model, which was $399 at the time. You can check back at this link here to get the most up to date pricing for each color.
  5. Can you run on it? I have not been a runner this pregnancy. But my mother in law wanted to give it a shot to see if she might want one for herself. Even though it is far less bulky than the ones you might be used to from a gym (which would run you up at least $1200) she said she didn’t notice a difference when running. And it is so quiet!
Click for a link to my gold shelf here!