Reviewing My Favorite Coffee Makers

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Whether you’re a mama, just plain busy, or you really love coffee even when you have no use for the extra caffeine, I think everyone deserves a good coffee maker. I think the best Mother’s Day present anyone could get me would be an extra kitchen in my house with the countertops filled with various coffee makers, milk frothers, espresso machines, pods, K-cups, and creamers. Dream big, right?

If you were thinking about getting your mom a new coffee maker for Mother’s Day, or if you’d like to treat yourself, consider this the one-stop shop for all things coffee. I have either used or owned every coffee machine you see here, and I wouldn’t bother to talk about them at all if I didn’t love every single one!

The Coffee Maker for the 3-cups-a-day mama: The Original Ninja Coffee Maker.

This is the coffee maker we use every day. It’s kind of a no frills, no nonsense kind of brew. You can program it to start in the morning, it tells you exactly how much of the grounds you need to get going, and gives you tons of options for sizes and types of brew. It works for us because we have two coffee-drinkers in the house, and I require multiple cups. So, we go with the full pot, regular brew, and I like my over ice brews in the afternoon.

My favorite coffee mug for people who microwave their coffee six times before they remember to finish it HERE.

For the Coffee Connoisseur: The Ninja Coffee Bar System

If you know exactly how you like your coffee and you’re not willing to compromise, this one is for you. The main difference between this and the other Ninja coffee maker is that the milk frother is built in and so so easy to use. You can froth your creamer while your drop coffee is brewing in under a minute.

For the Latte Lover: The Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Brewer

There really isn’t any substitute for a good cup of espresso in a latte. Drip coffee just isn’t going to cut it. It isn’t about the caffeine (most drip coffees actually have higher caffeine content than espresso) but rather about the overall taste. This is my favorite machine for a quick and easy way to make a relaxing cup in the afternoon because it’s a pod system. If you’re not into using pods, this might not be the system for you.

The Quick and Easy: The Keurig Single Serve System

If you’re the only coffee drinker in your house, or if you keep a cup as fast as possible before you get going, this is your best bet. There are so many options available for K-Cup brews nowadays, and you can get a reusable filter to scoop your choice of grounds into if pods aren’t your thing. Plus, it comes in tons of cute colors are looks great without taking up too much space on your countertops.

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