I’m having a major identity crisis over here for two reasons. 1. My firstborn is about to turn two years old. For some reason, that seems miles and miles away from one. She’s not a baby anymore. And to make her seem even further away from babyhood – 2. I’m about to be a mom of two. 2021 is clearly going to be the year of twos.

The second the Christmas decorations came down (I filmed it here, if you need some inspiration to get stuff taken down and organized) I was overwhelmed with the thought that Annie’s birthday was almost a month away. I had thought about it a lot while Christmas shopping, trying to keep in mind that she would be getting more gifts soon after, and I had no reason or need to go above and beyond! It took a whole lot of restraint, but in general, I try to keep Christmas pretty minimal on my end anyway. Spoiling is what grandmas and aunts are for.

And speaking of grandmas and aunts, those will be the only people invited to Annie’s birthday party this year. It’s bittersweet, but I actually so enjoyed having a smaller Christmas, and I think it’ll force me to slow down and enjoy her birthday more! She’s been such a girly girl lately, very much into dressing up, twirling around in tutus, trying on mom’s shoes, and carrying a purse. It has inspired me to really embrace this phase and go with a Tea For Two birthday party theme – I got the idea from Brianna K on YouTube last year. There are so many cute small Etsy businesses with “parties in a box” and tons of cute individual party favors and decorations, and I wanted to share them all here.

First, my Pinterest inspiration! Sharing here so you guys can get a vibe for what I’m going for here and share your thoughts.

Tea For Two Birthday Party Pinterest Inspiration

Tea For Two Party Supplies on Etsy

Happy almost second birthday, Annie B! I love you!