Packing for Third Trimester Travel | PLUS What I Got In the Old Navy Sale

How did this happen so fast? This wedding really snuck up on me. So did Thanksgiving (I have about 24 hours after I get back to get my guest room ready for guests, do all the holiday grocery shopping, decorate, and get to cooking.) But today was my last wellness check pre-travel at the OB and come tomorrow, I will be wedding bound. After this, you’ll be hard pressed to convince me to leave my house.

The weather has been a little bit back and forth in Texas, just like it has been here. Torrential rain, sunshine. Seventies then forties. So I had to prepare for all the possibilities. When it comes to winter clothes, I don’t have much by way of maternity, but most of the sweaters I’ve found in our store fit anyway. I needed to invest in a good maternity coat, vest, and a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner. And in a pinch, I found everything I needed (and then some) at the Old Navy Sale.

Seriously, some of these items were under $15. It’s my second maternity order from Old Navy because I was so so pleased with everything I got the first time around. But the sales they’ve been having pre-holidays are NOT to be slept on. I got as much this time around as the first, for half the price.

Does it count as a try on session if you just slid this extra comfy Old Navy puffer jacket over your pajamas?

What I got from the Old Navy Sale

Maternity Coat

I needed a maternity winter jacket that could fit securely over the bump, and last year, my sister got a black puffer jacket on sale around the same time of year. I’m so glad they have essentially all the same styles in maternity sizes, plus it’ll just be oversized and great for layering after baby.

I got this black option, which has a little bit of sheen to it, but my second choice would have been heather gray. And if you’re not packing 17 inches of baby into your midsection, they also have it in standard women’s sizes.

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

I’m so obsessed with this color (Botanical Green) for the holidays and might style this dress a different way for a Christmas party coming up. It’s the softest knit, and bodycon dresses keep me warm and comfy without making me look like I’m wearing a potato sack. With the way my front and backsides are growing outward NONSTOP, fitted clothes are my only option for feeling like a halfway normal human being.

Comfy Travel Clothes

I asked on my Instagram stories what y’all liked to wear traveling when it’s chilly out. We’re flying out early morning so it’ll be in the forties around takeoff, but in the upper fifties to sixties by the time we touch down in Texas. I need LAYERS. And a pair of heavy duty compression socks from the pharmacy.

The consensus – pullover sweater, leggings, slides that you can easily take off at TSA, and a scarf that can double as a blanket on the flight.

I already have this nursing sweater in two other colors and I don’t understand why this is just for pregnant and nursing women. It is the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn and super flattering.

Something For Tan

He won’t be joining me in Texas because it just so happens that he’s also in a different wedding this weekend. But I couldn’t help myself – these sale prices were so good and Tanner really loves a good sweater! And no, I will not be able to save these for Christmas. I’ll leave them for him as a surprise to open after I leave.

There are lots of other things I’m packing for the trip, including doctor-recommended compression socks, my camera, a new makeup bag, and two items from Shop Pink Blush: my maternity bridesmaids dress and get ready outfit, but I’ll share those after the trip so you can see it all in action!

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