Our Roomba 960 Review

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It’s been two weeks since we brought Annie into this world, and every day has been a blur. Diapers, snuggles, frozen meals, and late night boob sessions, day in, day out. I ran out this morning just long enough to get cereal and milk from the Dollar General.

“What did we used to do with our free time?”

One glance around the house at the piles of dishes and laundry made the answer pretty clear – we cleaned. I’ve been trying to follow my doctor’s advice of resting whenever the baby rests, but that’s also the only time I could possibly get all the cleaning done. And there is a LOT to be done. I knew that the laundry loads would get bigger with an extra human in the house. But I didn’t take into account that most of the laundry would be mine. At least once a day, I am covered in milk. Our house is up to a load of laundry a day. That may not seem like a lot to some families, but for us, it’s quite the jump.

I’m always looking for ways to streamline the things that need to get done every day, like cleaning and organization. We were gifted this Roomba right after we came home from the hospital, and I was skeptical. We know a few people who have had other brands of automated vacuums. I hadn’t been particularly impressed. Some have had to cash in on their warrantee multiple times. One brand sounds like an airplane taking off. Not ideal. But this one did not disappoint. Two weeks in, this is how the Roomba has changed the game for us.

How does the Roomba compare to other brands?

The Roomba is significantly more quiet than other brands. We can comfortably watch TV while the vacuum is running, even when it’s right under our feet.

After seeing other brands used in our family’s houses for years, it’s clear that the Roomba is TRULY automated. Our model is connected to my iPhone, so I can schedule cleaning times depending on the day of the week. I get updates when the bin is full, or in situations where the Roomba might get stuck. We named ours Suck It. Actually, Tanner named it Suck It. If you’re an avid fan of The Office, you’ll understand the reference. Nothing brings Tan more joy than getting a notification that says, “Suck It needs your attention.”

Some brands also just stop in their tracks when the bin needs to be emptied, forcing you to listen for a series of beeps to find the device. Our Roomba returns to the home base every time, so we’re never looking under the couch for Suck It.

Which model Roomba should I get?

This model also features a sweeping arm, which is meant to pull debris toward the vacuum. And it comes with a really pleasant side effect. The Roomba knows to run the perimeter of each room on the side with the sweeping arm. So, unlike standard vacuums, it sweeps against the baseboards to prevent dust from building up in the corners of each room. So genius! I would recommend this model just based on that feature alone.

It only took a couple rounds around the house for Millie to get used to having the Roomba around. Now, she’ll patiently wait for Suck It to clean around her bowl before she finishes her meal.

Is an automated vacuum really necessary?

Well, of course not. But within the first day, we noticed a key difference between regular vacuuming and using a Roomba. Humans are lazy. As much as I’d like to think that I was doing a good job of keeping our house clean for our newborn, I really wasn’t. In fact, when we first ran the Roomba, it did about three tracks across our living room rug before letting me know that the bin was full. YIKES. Now that we’ve been running the machine every day, we obviously don’t have the empty the bin as often. But it was really eye opening to see how dirty our house really was.

Bottom line – it’s easy for me to skip vacuuming under the couches and coffee tables, or dusting the base boards. But the Roomba works just as hard every time.

I use the app to schedule Suck It to start running in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. I empty the bin before we leave the house and it finishes the job while I’m gone!

Roomba 960 Set Up

I read a ton of reviews online about different brands and models of automated vacuums. One common theme from the complaint department was the involved set up. The first time that you use the Roomba, it takes a long while. We have a single story, three bedroom house. The first mapping session of the house took about 4.5 hours, and the bin needed to be emptied about 10 times.

After that, we realized that we hadn’t let the Roomba finish mapping the entire house before we stopped it. We also forgot to put all the furniture the way we were planning on keeping it before we started the mapping session. This is where most first-timers had a problem. Thankfully, after reseting the Roomba using the app and running a second mapping session, everything was smooth sailing. And now that we run Suck It 3-5 times a week, the bin only needs to be emptied a couple times, and the job can be finished within a couple hours.

Something to remember…

If the bin is full, the Roomba will return to base and wait for you to empty the bin. As long as the bin is emptied within 1.5 hours, it will remember exactly where it was in the job and pick things up where it left off.

If you have any specific questions about the Roomba, leave them in the comments or DM me on Instagram!

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