New Video: Deep Cleaning With The Best Amazon Steam Mop

Guess who’s the dummy who failed to realize that steam was hot and would burn the skin right off the tip of her finger?

I know that not everyone in the world is as into cleaning as I am. But I just have to say, I really don’t know where I was in this world without this steam mop. Bear with me for a second, because it’s not just a steam mop. It’s a glorious multi-use tool that blasts the almighty crap out of every gross crevice of your house. And today, that gross crevice was the space between my windows and screens.

Go ahead and check yours right now. It’s probably not a space that you think about very often. But it’s been unseasonably warm for January in Eastern North Carolina, and we’ve been opening the windows a couple times a week to let some fresh air in before false spring comes to an end. And I was like… EW. So, I found this steam mop and cleaner by accident while perusing the Amazon app late night. The reviews were intense. People were posting pictures of their AC vents, the tops of their cabinets, little spaces that probably NEVER saw spray cleaner, a sponge, or a duster a day in their lives. And they were totally transformed. So, I had to put it to the test for myself.

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1 with Convenient Detachable Handheld Unit, Laminate/Hardwood/Tiles/Carpet Kitchen – Garment – Clothes – Pet Friendly Steamer Whole House Multipurpose Use by PurSteam

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Aside from burning myself once (because I am dumb, not because of faulty equipment) it was so easy to use. Wiping out all that nasty gunk and trying to get into the little corners with a scrub brush would have been such a pain, I probably just would’ve let the windows be dirty. There is a removable middle section in the mop base that you can attach different nozzles to. I attached the high pressure nozzle to just blast all the dirt and dust out, and it worked like a charm.

Plus, I don’t have to use any cleaner on our vinyl floors, because the blazing hot steam sanitizes everything. GENIUS. I do put a few drops of lemon essential oil on the floor sometimes if I just want it to smell nice, though.

By the way, I started a YouTube account. Guess who doesn’t know what she’s doing? It’s me.

Here’s the best part: if you have a kid or two, you know that baby food has this tendency to harden in a way that is stronger than any construction-grade glue product available in stores. It’s truly amazing. The steam mop melted it away in TWO SWIPES. Without my precious mop, I would be laying on the floor in tears as I used a razor to scrape dried yogurt bites off the floor. And yes, I also used it to get the same off of our dining room table.

This was my first YouTube video, but I really do not mind humiliating myself on camera. I’m not here to make aspirational videos and have people think “I wish my house/my life were like that.” I’m just here to be me and share the things that I’m doing day to day to make my tiny world feel a little more connected to the outside. (Staying at home with a baby problems.) And that being said, I want you to know that all the links to the steam mop in this blog are affiliate links that I make a small commission from. It’s not much, but it does make a difference to my family, and I always appreciate when I see that y’all have used them. You’re the best!

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