Yeah, decorative pumpkins are an obvious choice, but there’s more to decorating my house for fall than going with the seasonal favorites. For me, it’s about making everything feel warmer, cozier, and more inviting.

My mom always hated seasonal decor. Putting up the Christmas tree was a special memory, but as far as everything else goes, it was just another box that sat up in the attic and needed to be hauled up and down. But my grandma went all out for every holiday. She used the same decorations every year that were sorted into totes in the attic, and we would break them out and strategically place all the knick knacks, throws, and candles out around the house.

I’d like to think I’m somewhere in the middle of my mom and Gran. Even though my style is a lot less knick-knack oriented, I still love breaking out my box of decorations and making my house feel like new again every season.

Since we’re in a new home, I’m essentially starting from scratch. It’s just another excuse to shop (oh, darn) but it’s already proven to be so fun. After just one month on Mallard Court, I get to freshen up the space yet again! If I don’t carefully plan out what I’d like to get ahead of time, I end up falling for whatever I’m told is “in” whenever I walk through the store. It doesn’t actually match anything in my house, nothing fits, and I’m left with a bunch of trinkets that don’t serve any real purpose at all. Instead, I’ve got a well-laid-out inspiration board in front of me, and I love to share!

Cozy Knits

I haven’t done a living room reveal yet (I’ve still got a couple of projects in mind, like a fresh coat of paint and a new end table,) but the bones of it are in place. I read somewhere that, when we think of romantic tones, you’ll more than likely picture pinks and reds. But in reality, the most soft and romantic color palette is actually cool gray and blue. That worked out perfectly for me, because we had a gray sectional picked out, and a beautiful blue-based Persian rug that we inherited from Tanner’s grandparents. 
The same thing goes for fall decor. You might be tempted to decorate with warm oranges and browns, but it’s easy to warm up blues and grays with a little bit of texture, found in these cozy, chunky knits. 

Copper Tones

Our home has the most delicious, warm wood floors throughout, and from the moment we saw it, I knew it would be complimented by some rich copper. Some copper items can be a bit of a splurge, but there are small accents here and there, like serving trays and coasters, that will get the job done without breaking the bank. 


I’m one of those picky people that scours the aisles of every store for candles that not only smell like fall, but also fit my decor. No tacky prints, no bright colors, just simple design packed around something that smells like leaves and apples. Is that so much to ask?