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All of my maternity pictures featured in this post were captured by Marshall Sharp. Follow him on Instagram. He rocks my world. The outfit is not maternity, just sized up, all from beaufort proper.

Today makes 5 weeks until Annie Bryant’s due date! To say that I’m starting to freak out is an understatement. I’ve been told time and time again that calm parents make for calm babies, but I just don’t understand how people follow those rules the first time around. Everything is so new, so uncertain. I very frequently wake up in the middle of the night just staring at the ceiling wondering what in the world is about to happen. 

Not everything can be planned, but doing a little research ahead of time has really been soothing to my soul. I love comparing and contrasting advice from mothers, especially moms who have been through this a few times. There are so many things that I’d never even considered, the first being that there is a whole lot going on in the fourth trimester. 

To be honest, I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t even thought about preparing for the baby to actually be here until I was well into the third trimester. I was so focused on all the things that I should or shouldn’t be doing while I was pregnant that I forgot to prepare for what happens after – when baby girl is actually here!

Thankfully, friends, family, and internet strangers have been totally open to sharing everything they know. I love advice when it is asked for. Unsolicited advice? Not so much. 

For example, lots of people like to ask what my plans are for labor or breastfeeding, only to say super discouraging things like,

“Oh, you’ll change your mind about that.”

Why even bother asking? Sometimes, I think most people enjoy the sound of their own voice more than they enjoy having an open conversation. But anyway, that’s beside the point! Most everyone else I’ve spoken to has come through with really useful, and sometimes surprising, advice.

  1. Start drinking red raspberry leaf tea. There have been numerous studies and interviews with groups of mothers to show that drinking red raspberry tea can shorten labor and reduce the need for interventions. However, the studies aren’t really what I would call concrete. (Check out all of this research provided by Mama Natural.) Lots of expectant moms waited until 34 weeks or later to start a regular regimen, just in case early consumption could case complications further down the line, and that’s what I chose to do. Overall, I don’t think it’s anything to freak out about! The tea stimulates pelvic floor muscles, so those women were following the advice of their doctors to unsure that they didn’t stimulate to the point of premature delivery. Sounds smart!
  2. Get postpartum underwear. The hospital provides plenty of the mesh kind, which lots of moms swore by. But a smooth, unlined pair of maternity underwear still came highly recommended. Lacy little undergarments are going on extended vacay until further notice. Plus, this pack from Prime is only $10 for 4!

  3. Invest in yourself. I’m excited to go WAYYYY more into detail about this a little further down the line, because I think it will probably be some of the most important advice I received since getting pregnant. I know the weeks after bringing Annie home from the hospital are going to be intense and strange and awkward and amazing. My goal right now is to put things into place that will make life a little bit easier. For me, that means having freezer meals prepped so Tanner and I can continue to eat like normal human beings, and making sure I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to wear every day. More than likely, there will be many days that I don’t make it out of pajamas (or at least athleisure) but I still want to feel nice enough to be able to answer the door for the mail man.

Here you go: I created an idea list on Amazon to help you stock up on third trimester and postpartum essentials, including tons of cozy pajamas so you can still feel at least partially put together after baby. I know it might sound unimportant, but so many people have made this recommendation! So treat yourself or someone you know who is about to have their world turned upside down by a baby to something comfy that they won’t have to put much thought into. 

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