It’s Millie’s house, we’re just paying the bills. 

Putting our bedroom together was by far the easiest part of moving into a new house (although I’ve still got my eyes peeled for a nice rug.) If you’ve ever been pregnant and moved into a new house at the same time, you know that a good night’s rest is non-negotiable. So, I had all the major furniture pieces sent from Wayfair to be delivered on move-in day and bought the rest in store at Target. By day two, we were sleeping in a finished room that felt just like home. 

Bedding Details

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Gray Quilt | Matching Shams
Coral Throw Blanket
Super Comfy Sheets
Decorative Pillow

Find a super great deal of the mattress and bedframe-boxspring duo from Wayfair. 

Decor Details

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White Throw Blanket | Gold Lamps
Framed Artwork
Blackout Curtains

My favorite parts.
The rocker was a gift from Tanner’s grandparents to his mom after he was born, and it’s so my style and actually really comfy. We’re opting for a bassinet in the master bedroom for at least the first few weeks after the baby is born, so I know I’ll be spending many hours rocking right there.
Plus the blackout curtains are FOR REAL. Like 100% darkness. No distracting light up in here.
My style is kind of soft, neutral, and feminine, but I love that this room can have so many feminine tones and still be everything Tanner wanted it to be. It’s so cozy, it feels like coming home to a spa every day.