Living Room Reveal PLUS 2018 Christmas Decor

I am driving the struggle bus this morning, so stay with me here – this one is going to be short and sweet! Then it’s off to bed with a cold rag on my head until I figure out what it is that Annie B is doing that is making me so sick! I thought nausea was supposed to be a third trimester thing??

Even though we moved in way back in August, I’ve been putting off sharing all the photos of our living room because this pregnancy has had me constantly fluffing everything. Nothing is ever really finished in this house. I’m pretty sure I drive Tanner crazy every night because I can’t even sit still long enough to watch a TV show – I’m always up moving picture frames around, adjusting the exact placement of furniture, and putting more Christmas ornaments on the tree because it’s just not there yet. 
But now that all of our Christmas decorations are up and the house is actually having a pretty clean day (at least it is in just the living room) it seemed like the perfect time to share some pictures! A lot of my Christmas decorations came from Hobby Lobby, so availability is super limited, especially now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and everyone basically cleaned the place out. But I found plenty of dupes if you’re trying to go for a similar look.
Our couch was originally purchased off of Wayfair back in July and we love it! The exact one is sold out, but Wayfair has tons of options for sectionals that are easy to put together. Plus, this one has waterproof removable cushion covers! GENIUS.
Our tree was a Hobby Lobby find, too! This is my first time in a long time not doing a real tree, but I got really impatient. I originally wanted a flocked tree soooooo badly, but Tanner talked me out of it in the store because of how much it was shedding just from being on display. After seeing a few do the same thing in other people’s houses, he was right (as per usual.)
We settled on this pre-lit beauty because the needles were super high quality and very realistic, plus the tips looked a little bit frosted. So… kind of like a flocked tree!


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