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What Is Mommy Imposter Syndrome?

No two moms are exactly alike. So, it's time we learned the difference between looking for guidance and becoming a mommy imposter. When I first heard the term "imposter syndrome," I think it must have been at least two years ago. I made some assumptions about the...

6 Apps You Should Be Using Instead of Canva

Whether you're using Instagram for business or just having fun on your personal account, we can all do better than the same cookie cutter Canva template. Better editing apps and how to uplevel your Instagram stories. Don't get me wrong. Canva can be very good for a...

6 Month Baby Update & Life Lately

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Annie B! Six months has flown by. Tanner and I were just joking that we might finally be getting the hang of this thing. But she changes every day, so ask us again tomorrow.  It's been a while since I've done a baby update because it just feels...

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