Clean Toddler Hair Care

Both of my babies were born with a head full of hair, but so far, Lou’s hair doesn’t come close to comparing in thickness and texture. Annie has always had the most beautiful, challenging head of hair. Locks like these require a lot of love, and after more than three years of hair care with a little girl who absolutely hates even the most standard level of maintenance on her head, I have found the formula. There are a few non-negotiables when it comes to toddler hair care for my curly headed baby.

  1. I’m looking for clean ingredients free of color and synthetic fragrance. Both of my babies have sensitive skin, and while it’s hard to stay on top of which ingredients are on the no-no list these days, I’ve found that brands like Klee Kids make it a no-brainer. Plus, Annie’s hair always smells incredible after using! It’s been one year since we started using these products and nothing else compares.
  2. No pokey brushes! This brush came recommended from a follower, and thank goodness it did, because I once had to resort to brushing Annie’s hair with a toothbrush. All other brushes were apparently “too pokey.”
  3. No hair pulling. While Annie’s hair is too thick for elastics when I’m putting it all up in one ponytail, she prefers a half up, half down look. After all, she’s got a lot of thick hair! It gets really heavy and uncomfortable when I put it all up at once. The Pony Pick snaps the elastic and her hair is down. She doesn’t even notice I’m doing it. No tears! Then I follow up with a head massage. Annie’s favorite.

If you have a toddler with difficult, textured, or curly hair, I hope these products are just as much of a game changer for you as they are for us! Send me a DM on Instagram @becs.lynk if you have any questions or want to let me know how they all worked for you!