I got everything you see here for less than $70. And it’s 100% safe for me and baby. 

It seems like our last house was always in disarray. Not that it wasn’t our own fault – there were always projects that were halfway done, leaks that needed fixing, paint chipping. I felt really discouraged when it came to cleaning because, no matter how hard I tried, things were never really done.

So, when we moved into the new house, I started to get a little itchy. Everything was done. The house was move in ready from day one, and while there are small renovations we’d like to do in the future. it’s been absolutely wild to live in a home that doesn’t need our constant attention (knock on wood.) But between Tanner bringing home ALL of the germs from school and Millie shedding like a mad woman through the last bits of summer, I’ve learned that, projects aside, the cleaning never really stops.

In our first week in the house, we had a whirlwind team of helpers. I am so grateful to everyone who stepped up and helped Tanner. After all, I was 17 weeks pregnant and pretty much banned from lifting even the lighter boxes, despite insisting that 10 pounds really doesn’t “strain” much of anything.

But most of all, I’m thankful for my friend who recommended Grove Collaborative to me, because let’s just say our local Dollar General wasn’t teaming with all-natural cleaning products. The nearest place to get truly natural products that didn’t burn my lungs with pungent bleach odors is… I’m not even sure! I’ve been lucky enough to find a brand or two at our grocery store, but the markups were outrageous.

Grove Collaborative delivers all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products to my door on my schedule. My friend absolutely hooked me UP. Half the products I received in my first shipment were free, including my favorite Mrs. Meyers Basil Scented Cleaners and Hand Soap.

And because I don’t really love cleaning (who does?) I’m more likely to get it done if I have tools that I actually enjoy using. My favorite purchase was the automatic dish soap pump and scrubber. It’s a sustainable dish scrubber that soaps itself up with each use, without leaking dish soap all over my counter.

I do a ton of laundry while Tanner is coaching – think teaching clothes, coaching clothes, game day uniform, after school wear, and fishing wear every week. It’s quite the smelly process. But after shopping around, Grove gave me by far the best price on the largest tub available of Mrs. Meyers Lavender Laundry Soap, plus a set of three dryer balls for ultra soft laundry without the toxic chemicals found in dryer sheets.

The laundry soap itself smells divine, but when I’m washing towels and other things around the house that I want to smell fresh for days, I put lavender essential oil on the dryer balls, then resist the urge to nap on top of my clean laundry.

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