Target BOGO 25% Off Wall Decor

This week, Target is having a BOGO 25% off wall decor sale! The art hanging in my office/guestroom is included in the sale here. I always get the most questions about it! Even without the sale, it’s a great price for the size. We used to have it in our master bedroom, but I’m in the SUPER long process of redecorating it right now. Here are some other decorations I’m loving from the sale.

The necklace in this most is from The Sis Kiss, by the way! I get so many compliments on it! Also, I’m having a major mom hair moment.

J. Crew NEWNEW Sale

J Crew is hosting a sale through Friday – 30% off even new Spring items when you use code NEWNEW. There are so many good Spring items. I like J Crew for staples that I’m going to keep in my closet for a long time, so I picked a lot of seasonal basics that you can still manage to style year round. Plus, so many of their tops are breastfeeding friendly, like this button up.

From my LTK this week – click for product details. The top is from Beaufort Proper’s new arrivals! It sold out almost immediately after I posted it, so I guess y’all liked it! It’ll be restocked in more colors by the end of the week!

Life Lately Update

Another thing that’s been going on this week – crazy baby stuff! According to the Wonder Weeks app, Annie is going through some major developments and it’s causing very erratic behavior. It’s kind of pitiful, really. She just seems really overwhelmed with all the sensations around her and has been crying more than usual. And by more than usual, I mean more in the last day than all of her other weeks combined. In fact, I can count all the other times she has cried on one hand.

If you’ve been following along with my Instagram stories, you know that this sudden growth spurt and development has wreaked havoc on my milk supply. If you’re a mama and are experiencing similar issues, I definitely feel you! I’ll do a longer post about what worked to get my milk supply up after her needs increased so drastically, but to put it simply, I was really dehydrated and not eating enough protein. My brother in law turned me onto these awesome packets called LiquidIV, and they helped me drink more water and actually keep it. I also tried Body Armor drinks, which I saw recommended by a lot of moms on Pinterest. They are so good, and I think they’ve made a difference in my supply for sure. Other than that, I’ve just been trying to make sure I have at least one meal based around lean protein like chicken or turkey every day.