Inspired Amazon Finds to Spend Your Gift Cards On

I love getting Amazon gift cards for Christmas, because it’s basically like getting cash, plus free two day delivery. And really, that’s so much better than cash. I used Amazon to do a lot of my holiday shopping, but more often than not, I’m more likely to use it for myself. We love using the pantry options to make sure that we never run out of paper towels. Tanner is always ordering new books (we have an EXTENSIVE history library in our house) and I get the fun stuff. The golden ticket, the best kept secret, the INSPIRED JEWELRY FINDS.

Call me cheap if you want to, but I can’t afford a stack of wrist candy that costs more than our house and car payment combined. I know where I like to splurge and treat myself, and where I can stand to cut back. It’s all about balance, people! Splurge on the pieces that you wear every day, like my favorite mixed metals Cluse watch that makes every piece of jewelry I could ever want to wear automatically match my outfit. Then, save on the pieces you swap out. It only makes sense.

Since I got my watch two years ago, Nordstrom stopped carrying Cluse watches. How rude. But lucky for you, Amazon picked them up! Which means free shipping (as long as you don’t need it Prime two-day shipped. These bad boys are worth the wait.) AND you can get everything you see here from one place. It’s your lucky day.

All the images that you see below are available on Amazon, and if you already have the perfect watch to go with it, you could easily get any combination of three or more pieces of wrist candy with a single $100 gift card.


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