See the pictures in action that I printed using Framebridge here!

When it comes to family photos, I swear by our family photographer, Sarah K. Photography. But if I booked her as often as I’d like to, I wouldn’t take home a paycheck. So every month or so, I host my only little photo shoot of the kids in the baby’s room. I’ve been doing it since Annie was born. I’ve taken both of my kids newborn photos and monthly check in photos, and I’ve found the perfect way to get it done without sacrificing resolution.

I used to take photos on a DSLR, but nowadays, iPhone cameras provide the same resolution, as long as you don’t reduce the file size by unnecessarily editing and adding filters. You don’t need Lightroom presets or paid apps to take beautiful newborn photos or pictures of your kids. All you need is a few tips and tricks and a little bit of patience.

iPhone Photography Tip #1: Set Up The Backdrop

I like to use our Snuggle Me Organic Baby lounger, tucked under a crisp white comforter. I take all of our photos in the babies room because it has two windows, white walls, and white linens. That makes for a bright, crisp photo on a really clean backdrop. The Snuggle Me is large enough that both of my kids can use it to prop themselves up on (as Annie so elegantly demonstrated in my YouTube video 😂) and it creates that pretty little “nest” that everyone loves for newborn photos.

iPhone Photography Tip #2: Skip the Photos, Go With Video

Whether you have a crazy toddler or a squirmy baby, the solution is 4K video. Rather than taking pictures, switch your iPhone into video mode and turn on 4K video for the highest possible resolution. Then you can save the best frame rather than trying to choose from hundreds of blurry photos.

The key here is to upload the video to your computer and use the “Save Current Frame” option in iMovie. That way, rather than getting a low quality screenshot, you get the highest resolution image to blow up to practically any size you want.

iPhone Photography Tip #3: Ditch Your Presets

I love to use the Lightroom and Tezza apps to edit my photos, but the truth is, you don’t need them. The iPhone photo editing settings built directly into your phone will do the trick. I shared my steps for creating brighter, clearer photos in my YouTube video below.

If you’re using Lightroom presets or paying for the Tezza app, they won’t reduce your photo resolution or quality. In fact, Tezza is a professional grade editing app. But unlike Lightroom for mobile, it is a paid app. With Lightroom, the mobile app is free, but you’ll still need to purchase presets online or from a photographer. So, your best free option is to follow my steps from the video.