How to Declutter and Redecorate After the Holidays

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There may be no better feeling than taking down all of the Christmas decorations after the holiday rush. It’s so rejuvenating to put things away and see all the space opened up in your home. Even when I was little, one of my clearest memories of Christmas was putting everything away after opening presents. I was one of those weird children who loved to clean and decorate her room. I would spend all day working on it and bring my parents up to admire my work. Really, what’s the point of cleaning if you don’t get a pat on the back for it?

I used to wait until after New Year’s to take down Christmas decorations. I wanted to stretch out that holiday feeling for as long as possible. Blame it on nesting energy (hello, 37 weeks), but this year I wanted everything to come down as soon as possible. The morning after Christmas, I was up packing away ornaments and trinkets first thing.

There is no one right way to clean your house. If you have a system that works, I say stick to it. But if you’re having trouble getting “Christmas closure” or just don’t know where to begin, this is how I got everything done in a day.

4 Steps to Declutter and Redecorate After Christmas

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