How to Create The Perfect Postpartum Care Package

“If I could create the perfect care package, it would be a boob wrapped up in a bow.”

If your friend recently gave birth to a beautiful baby, you should start by writing a beautiful sonnet for her crotch. And then let her sit with her legs elevated while you hold the baby. And if the baby cries, just kind of hover over mama’s sleeping body to nurse for a bit without disturbing her.

Or, you could just put together a really nice care package filled with things that she’s probably going to panic-order on Amazon Prime once she gets home from the hospital. That’s what I did.

Everyone told me to stock up on the supplies they give you in the hospital – mesh underwear, maternity pads, pain relieving spray. Even what looked like a lot at the time was not enough. Postpartum recovery is no joke! I hadn’t been home for 24 hours before I had primed two large boxes of essentials to arrive before I ran out. If you know, you know. Postpartum bleeding is nature’s way of making up for the fact that you didn’t have a period for nine months.

How to Create a Postpartum Care Package

  1. Fill it with the hospital essentials. Amazon carries the same medical grade brands that you’ll find in most labor and delivery wards. Two extra packages of maternity pads should do the trick, plus a can of Dermoplast to let those stitches heal in peace.
  2. Upgrade her postpartum care. If you haven’t heard of a sitz bath, it’s basically the best thing to ever happen to your vagina. There’s nothing wrong with the bottle they give you in the hospital to get things done down there, but there are better, easier to use versions on Amazon, especially from FridaBaby. Throw in a bottle of lanolin cream to keep those boobs in tip top shape and mama just might kiss you right on the mouth.
  3. Send a surprise subscription box. The Mighty Mama Box arrived on my doorstep on my second day home from the hospital, and not a moment too soon. It’s a monthly subscription box for expectant and postpartum mamas filled with seriously useful products and resources. I really loved the January box because it came with lactation cookies and a book on transitioning into mom life. I’m a research QUEEN, so a book filled with real advice from real moms was the most thoughtful gift I could ask for.

Want more information on The Mighty Mama Box? Visit my Instagram and watch the highlights for an unboxing!

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