Happy Valentine’s Day!

I may be celebrating every little holiday this year (thanks to quarantine boredom and the need to entertain a two year old) but I am not the kind of person who has it in me to decorate the entire house just for Valentine’s Day. It seems wasteful to spend so much money on decor that won’t even be up for a month. And then having to store it for the other eleven months of the year? No, thank you.

I follow @occasions.byshakira on Instagram, and she introduced me to the perfect solution – the Occasions Basket! It’s a countertop bin that houses small things that make every day feel like an occasion, and it’s the perfect way to introduce a little holiday into your home without maxing out your credit card at Target. Plus, since I have a subscription to the Magic Playbook (HIGHLY recommend) I already had access to tons of Valentine’s Day printables to dress them up even more!

Click here to try out the Magic Playbook for a month!

The Magic Playbook is a digital subscription service designed for moms of kids 2-6. Every month, new playtime activities, learning tools, and printables get dropped into our portal, and just like this basket, they make every day feel like an occasion. We’ve been using this service since November to keep Annie entertained while we’re home, and even though she just turned two, I’m consistently surprised by how well they keep her engaged. She’s big into coloring and counting, and this month’s Magic Playbook had plenty of it!

Watch the Video: How To Create A Valentine’s Day Occasions Bin

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