How My Beauty Routine Has Changed Postpartum

Little changes to my beauty routine from Wash with Water!

It’s true, what they say. Having a little girl sucks the beauty right out of you. During the second trimester, I was seeing some serious pregnancy glow. My hair was thick and shiny, my skin was the clearest it’s ever been. I wasn’t seeing a great deal of swelling yet. And somehow I just looked tan all the time? Magical. Fast forward to five weeks postpartum and my just-rolled-out-of-bed look can most accurately be described as “dumpster fire.”

So, I’ve had to change up my routine a bit to compensate. The most dramatic change I’ve experienced so far is that my skin is CRAZY dry. We’re talking flaky skin, cakey makeup, chapped lips, and dehydration. But I’ve also been really sensitive to what kinds of moisturizers I put on my skin. Not only is Annie’s skin still very responsive to everything that touches it, but I noticed that mine has been the same. Anything with fragrance has pretty much been a no-go. You could jump on the all-natural train and just douse your entire body in coconut oil. But why did beauty influencers start telling us that was a good idea? Coconut oil settles into your fine lines and clogs your pores. Don’t put it on your face, people.

How has my skincare routine changed after baby?

I didn’t change everything about my routine. My skin doesn’t respond very well to having things shaken up a great deal, and my usual Mario Badescu regimen >> is still working! I just needed a little extra moisturizer in my life. If you saw my post about my favorite beauty buys of 2018, then you know I’ve been using the glycolic cleanser and toner from the anti-aging line – it works like a charm! I also use the seaweed night cream before bed and the vitamin c moisturizer in the morning, but I’ve noticed that I still have dry patches around my face. Even though my makeup routine is super simplified, my foundation doesn’t go on smooth unless I’m using something a little extra.

I added this 100% pure argan oil from Wash With Water to my routine because I only need a couple drops and I can put it everywhere. It’s perfect for breastfeeding because I can put it all over my chest and boobs without getting something irritating all over Annie’s face. I also put it on the ends of my hair to prevent breakage and add shine – the dryness does not discriminate.

What about stretch marks?

Wash With Water recently released a line of CBD products that I started using for stretch marks. The Care & Repair Balm is the first thing I’ve tried for stretch marks. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really expect them to go anywhere. After all, I covered my body in various types of oils and lotions throughout my pregnancy. The stretch marks came anyway. But they’re very dark and my skin is so thin – I know it needs a little TLC. The Care & Repair Balm uses the same argan oil I love with the power of CBD oil. It’s anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins, and unscented for Annie B.

What about those chapped lips?

I had horribly chapped lips for my entire pregnancy. When I was planning what to put in my hospital bag, everyone told me to bring lots of chapstick. Between the heavy breathing and the dry hospital air, you’ll leave the hospital with painful cracks and peeling. I tried about six brands over the last few months and nothing worked. Even homemade remedies weren’t cutting it.

Why does vanilla and meadowfoam oil work? I honestly have no idea. Not even sure what that last thing is. But my lips aren’t chapped anymore. And it stays on, even when I’m eating and drinking. The Wash With Water BB Beauty Balm is a game changer. Highly recommend.

How has your makeup routine changed postpartum?

I used to have a lot of fun playing with makeup, and I still do when I have the time. But most days, I’m lucky to put myself together at all. I feel like a real live functioning member of society when I just fix my face up a little bit. And strangely enough, my skin is clearer when I wear makeup. I’m more likely to complete my entire skincare routine at the end of the day if I know I have makeup to wash off. Otherwise, I could be convinced to just flop into bed without treating my face to a little TLC.

Nowadays, I really only use four or five things to put my face together before I leave the house. Click the picture below to see which products made the cut in my new routine!

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