I’ve had this gold and glass shelf in our room for over a year, and I just kept saying, “I’ll get around to styling it eventually.” My bedroom is usually the last room in the house to get any love. It easily becomes a place to just dump the things I don’t want anyone to see. But when I come into our room to go to bed after a long day, it just sets me off.

There’s just something about walking into a well-styled, clean bedroom at the end of a long day that’s so rewarding. I sleep better. I wake up in a better mood. So I’m trying to be more intentional about what’s inside my room, how it’s organized, and how it’s decorated. That started with a major declutter in last week’s cleaning video on YouTube (check it out here) and landed on me FINALLY decorating the shelves the way I always intended! I have about 1000 photos of the kids that I’ve been meaning to frame, and this was the perfect excuse to get it done.

How To Style Inexpensive Frames To Look Expensive

I’m a sucker for fancy, expensive frames. But so often, I forget how easy it is to find budget versions at Walmart and just style them up. I’m by no means a minimalist, so these shelves may be a little busy for your taste. But in general, the same rules apply across the board: You can make budget finds look expensive with matte frames, texture mixing, and intentional layering.

  1. Start with whites in the back. Using a matted white frame that I found for $5 in our local Walmart (seriously, every size of this frame was $5 in store) I created a backdrop for the rest of the shelf.
  2. Create layers using books, boxes, and risers. I display a great many of the books with the binding in the back to keep a more consistent texture and make sure things don’t get too busy.
  3. Pair photos with meaningful keepsakes. I wish so badly I had paid to have my wedding flowers preserved, but I created another arrangement with faux florals from hobby lobby. Those and a dish for my wedding rings are the only “trinkets” I keep on the shelves to keep things clean, minimal, and meaningful.