Mildred 100% approves of the new cozies, including these super warm jersey knit sheets from Walmart.

Lo and behold, there may be ONE SINGLE BENEFIT to Tanner forcing me to wait to put our holiday decorations up: I have been taking this time to give our house a thorough, deep clean. With all of the decorations put away for a while, it’s been a lot easier to maintain a clean and organized house. And thanks to that second trimester energy burst, I’ve been tackling a few organization projects around our home that I said I would do two years ago when we bought the place.

So, I decided to share all of this energy and motivation with y’all on my YouTube channel all November long! I kicked things off today with a Clean and Undecorate With Me video. We’re staying home for Halloween and switching gears to celebrate my dad’s birthday instead, so I put away all of our Halloween and even fall decorations. I’ve got to say, I kind of love it. Christmas is usually associated with a whole lot of excess, so it’s nice to have a clean slate for a while before the holidays truly kick in.

Plus, it has made it a lot easier to just be totally ruthless in purging all of the things before Christmas gets here. That’s why I’m doing a major toy declutter video in November – everything must go before Santa makes his drop off!

Next up, I’m posting a Cozy Clean and Organize With Me video on Monday, November 2nd, filled with tons of whole house cleaning inspiration.

Here’s my posting schedule for November! Follow the playlist here and turn on bell notifications so you’ll be the first to know when new Get Ready For The Holidays videos go live each week. There will also be bonus vlogs in between!

November Cleaning Motivation and Posting Schedule