Holiday Gift Guide: 4 Amazon Handbags for Mom

I’ve been dying to get my mom a new purse for Christmas for a ton of reasons. The one she’s been carrying around is starting to look a little worn around the edges. And she’s always complaining that her purse is too big. I know the feels – when you have a big bag, it’s tempting to fill it up with as much as possible. 

A smaller, more structured every day bag makes it easy to pare down to just the essentials. But most importantly, all these Amazon steals match our latest new arrivals at Beaufort Proper, so I know for a fact that I can’t go wrong with any of these bad boys. 
1. Ring Handle Crossbody Bag: This cutie reminds me of a Chloe bag, and it’s the smallest of all the options – no excuses to carry anything but the essentials, like your wallet, phone, lipstick, and to do list. 
2. Gray Tassel Saddle Shoulder Bag: This is a little more of a boho option, which I think suits my mom’s style a little bit better. When she’s not out running or working in the yard, she’s usually very comfy chic. This shoulder bag is very effortless, and the soft gray would match everything under the sun.
3. Blush Genuine Leather CEO Bag: Maybe a pink bag isn’t the most practical everyday bag choice, but honestly, where’s the fun in carrying the same bag every day? I’d love to get her one smaller bag, one medium like this one to provide some options, and at Amazon prices, I can actually afford to make that happen. 
4. Black and Tan Padlock Handbag: I can already tell that my mom is going to be more likely to choose this bag on the reg because of the neutrals. What can I say, she has a look! Plus, it’s another well priced genuine leather option that will last. 

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