Help Me Pick My Maternity Halloween Costume from Amazon

It’s a don’t-get-out-of-your-pajamas, shop-online-and-reheat-your-coffee kind of morning. 

A couple days a week, I pick up my Reedy boy from Mama’s Morning Out and hand out with him for a couple hours until his mom gets out of work. He usually goes to work with me at the showroom, but on Mondays, I try to take a little day for myself, especially when I worked the whole weekend. So, when I picked him up and asked him what he wanted to do today, he said “Spooky Halloween Party!” And I obliged. Now, my house is decorated for trick or treaters and I got to watch Monsters, Inc. So it was a win-win. 

What should I be for Halloween if I’m six months pregnant?

This is our first year living in a neighborhood where kids actually trick or treat and I’m thrilled! And even though I probably couldn’t motivate Tanner to dress up, Millie and I are pretty excited. I’ve been scouring Amazon for an inexpensive maternity-friendly Halloween costume (I’m officially in the third trimester and a little bit large) and here’s what I found:
Easy Peasy T-Shirt for handing out candy. I’m a big fan of this option for no other reason than I can wear my comfy black wool leggings. I just wish my teddy coat would be here in time to keep me warm. But it’ll be in the Beaufort Proper Presale, coming soon!
They also have a long sleeve option to stay warm! It went from 80 degrees every day to 45 degrees every morning, so long sleeves are essential.

I can get away with wearing my regular leggings, but these are ultra cozy maternity leggings, plus, they glow in the dark! I feel trendy and hip again. HIP. Get it? Skeleton jokes. I’ve been spending too much time with Tanner, king of the dad jokes.

What should my dog be for Halloween?

Last year, we tried to get the golden boys to dress up as lions with these cute little lion’s mane dog Halloween costumes, but they ended up trying to attack each other and tearing them apart. They’re kind of out of control. But Millie is such a calm girl and she doesn’t mind when I dress her up, especially when it means people on the street will give her attention.

She’s black and white, so I thought she could match me in a little skeleton costume or be a cute little skunk! I’m still trying to decide, but check out my board on Pinterest dedicated solely to dog Halloween costumes. I’m fully addicted.

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